“Julee is beyond infectious. She’ll inspire you to go right home and cook her recipes.”

~ Kalamazoo Gazette


“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

~ John Ruskin

To me, the most amazing part of my own story is how writing a cookbook (over a summer, almost 35 years ago!) has enriched my life. Barely a week goes by that I don’t hear once, twice, sometimes more often, about someone loving one of my recipes, a cookbook falling apart and they need a new one, a favorite recipe that’s become a family tradition, or a recipe that’s gone astray and they need another. I get the most poignant, lovely, thank you letters imaginable… escalating at Holidays throughout the year. Many bring tears to my eyes. They always make my day!

Which brings me to my point. All I did was follow my passion and share our store’s recipes. To me, one of the most generous and lovely gifts anyone can give is a recipe. Cooking is done from the heart. A favorite recipe, heartfelt. You may want to deliver a recipe to a neighbor with a batch of cookies; a small collection of family favorites given to a new daughter-in-law; or the treasure trove of family favorites gathered and printed for all. The foods from childhood are every “grown-up’s” favorite. Flavors bring back memories. Please don’t let your own family’s slip away. The joy you’ll receive from sharing your recipes will be priceless.

At Wickwood, we love sharing recipes. Our guests leave with a few to take home. Here are some of our guests’ favorites. There will be more appearing on our blog all of the time.

Classic Recipes from Wickwood Inn