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Saugatuck, Michigan

Food Lovers Are Invited To Learn Our Secrets
Weekend Cooking Workshops
Saturday Mornings January 22 - April 9, 2011

 "A good cook works by the fire of imagination, not merely by the fires in the stove."
                                                              --- Robert P. Tristram Coffin

It’s pretty clear that we love good food and find it continually fascinating. We think a lot of people do. It is the forum I’ve selected to try to satisfy my insatiable curiosity. Plus, as Julia famously said “I just love to eat!” I think a lot of people do.

The quest is continual. Just as I test a new recipe it brings up the challenge to refine it further. Then I discover a new fruit or spice imported from an obscure island, sure to fill the markets shortly. Or read about an authentic ancient recipe or tradition. One minute I’m discovering the Mast Brothers Chocolate only to want to taste it comparatively with Askinosie’s. Then, there’s mastering pork belly and other pig parts, only to find Alan Benton’s Bacon. Everyday, right around the corner (literally and figuratively) there are new sources for heirloom, organic and heritage foods, a new cheese maker, a new winery, a new vegetable, or new French Flavor Pearls to jazz up our morning fruit bowls. If the Sticky Bun we tasted at Chez Panisse is good, how can we make it even better? One minute we’re thinking about a new dish or technique from faraway el Builli, Per Se, or Noma, the next we’ve integrated a tiny nugget of it into our own cooking experience. Finally, there are the discoveries of the Foragers, be they in the fields or those finding new health and nutrition information. Food is simply a never ending titillation for me. Best of all, ultimately, there is the urge to share whatever I’ve learned!

Therefore, once again this winter, following Brunch on Saturday mornings, every weekend we’ll hold a Cooking Workshop as an optional experience for Wick wood’s guests. The classes are designed for serious cooks who are also very busy. The classes are intimate enough that they become a dialogue and from the reactions of last year’s classes, great fun is had by all. Mostly me! We send you home stimulated and inspired with a rejuvenated sense of what it means to live the good life.

Last year each morning we taught and tasted an average of six recipes, some from Wick- wood’s repertoire, some that I had just tested the week before. They were integrated with Comparative Tastings of vintage champagnes (we might have to repeat that…what’s better at 10:30am?), several aged wedges of Parmigiano Regianno, Basil Pestos, olive oils from different countries and chocolates, always chocolates. The Tastings were real eye openers for the participants. Periodically, we had a discussion about the latest and greatest food and wine writing sharing sources for new cookbooks, blogs, newsletters and periodicals. For the Winter Season of 2011 ... well we’ll just have to wait and see what I’ve learned by then.

Join us!! I promise you’ll have a great time!! Meanwhile, here's to love and laughter while you're cooking.

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