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"The past is a ghost, the future is a dream, all we have is right now."
                                                                        --- Bill Cosby

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Julee Rosso
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Weekend Cooking Classes at Wickwood
February 4-5, 2011 to April 1-2, 2011

Cooking Classes Saturday Morning
Comparative Tastings Saturday Afternoon
One Hundred Dollars per Person
To Reserve, Call 800.385.1174


"Looks may be deceiving; it's eating that's believing. --- James Thurber

"Julee is plugged in! If you love food, you must experience it with Julee. She celebrates cooking every day and when you are with her --- so will you! I loved it all!" --- Dallas, Texas

"Absolutely incredible! I had to write to tell you that as soon as we finished the class I wanted to cook again. I had to write to give you my praise and admiration. I'll never forget it."
                                                                                                             --- Natchez, Mississippi

"Life is short, live it up." --- Betty White

• Cook and taste at least five, or as many as seven, recently created simple and scrumptious recipes. They may include: The Rice Pudding that all of Paris is talking about; Wickwood's Blueberry French Toast; The very addictive Gnudi with Brown Butter & Sage Sauce; Cinnamon Sugared Popovers; Dulche de Leche Cake or Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake; Shrimp and Lobster Sausage with Red Pepper Aioli; Wickwood’s Cardamom Streusel Coffee Cake (gluten-free); New Ways with Roasted Vegetables; A Decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake inspired by Jacques Genin; How to make Homemade Ricotta and Boursin Cheeses or whatever Julee’s latest obsessions may be that week. We’ll see.

• Enjoy a Comparative Tasting of Vintage Champagnes, artisnal global and American ingredients such as cheeses, oils, vinegars, condiments and chocolates, always chocolates.

• Share Julee’s adventures with her fellow food lovers and her stories of the early upside-down days of The Silver Palate store and cookbook.

• Discuss food and health today in America --- the Locavore movement; sustainable agriculture, how to cook gluten free/sugar free/meat free; how to eat healthy, garden organically, save seeds, and find the best food writing today.

• Hear about her quest for the best as she's searched for foods at the world's markets, organic and heritage farms, and sought out the finest authentic artisan producers.

• "Go along" on her most recent gastronomical journeys to Paris, Venice, Florence, London, the English Mid-lands, New York, San Francisco, Nantucket and New Orleans. We’ll chat about the latest and greatest restaurants she’s discovered.

Cartoon: Pepper ... And Salt, The Wall Street Journal

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