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A L L  T H E  L O C A L  N E W S,  G O S S I P,  R E C I P E S  &  L O R E  T H A T' S  F I T  T O   P R I N T   W I N T E R   2 0 0 6

  "When man is happy, he is in harmony with himself and his environment."
   Oscar Wilde

Goldsworthy Rocks!

Big and exciting news for our towns: The largest U.S. exhibit ever, for one of the most popular living sculptors, Scotsman, Andy Goldsworthy, is coming to Meijer Gardens January 27- May 14. Even if you’re not fond of sculpture, you’ll love these!

Goldsworthy is world renown for his use of nature – rocks, icicles, trees, ice, snow, leaves, and twigs to form extraordinary sculptures from his imagination.

The exhibit will consist of eleven colossal stone arches, including The Grand Rapid’s Arch, mountings of “Forest Gatherings” and Goldsworthy’s photographs of his work from around the world.

This will be a brilliant opportunity to become well versed in his phenomenal sculpture and is well worth a special trip to enjoy Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids. But please stay with us at Wickwood. It’s not far.

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has dined well."
    Virginia Woolf "A Room of One's Own"

Chocolate and Cheeses

It’s the season for comfort foods and most comforting is the news that dark bittersweet chocolate is good for us! One of our secrets (and of thin French and New York women, too ) is to always have a small square of dark rich chocolate, a “palette”, in your pocket to ward off any craving and warm the soul. At Wickwood we serve chocolate morning, afternoon and nighttime, too.

And, every evening, our large antique Cheese Board is filled with our own homemade cheese tortas and the best selection of Great American Artisanal cheeses, served by candlelight. It may include Humboldt Fog, Hudson Valley Camembert, Rogue River Blue, the Wabash Cannonball, or Lazy Lady’s Misty Meadow. Sparked by Batali sausages and the wines of the day, it’s a great way to greet the mysteries of the night.

This Winter our kitchen is cooking:
•  Uptown Brownies – soufflé light yet richest chocolate bites
•  Chocolate Hazelnut Macaroons-just heavenly
•  Birthday Chocolate Cupcakes, from childhood
•  Bittersweet Strawberries, Tom Kron taught me
•  Alsatian Bacon and Onion Tart
•  Roasted Garlic Fondue
•  French Country Pâté and our own cured Dried Sausage
•  Chocolate Hazelnut Macaroons-just heavenly

                                                                  Wickwood Recipes ---

"Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning. Oh, how I'd love
to remain in bed." - Irving Berlin

"Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring." - Carmel Snow

Town Notices

January 17  “Wondrous Wreaths á la Goldsworthy”
Meijer Gardens  6:30 pm  616.975.3144
January 17 ~ February 21 Watercolor Wonders Workshops SCA  857.2399
January 18 ~ February 8 Introduction to Calligraphy Workshops SCA 857.2399
January 19 “The Coffee Quartet” 8-11 pm Till Midnight 616.392.6883
January 21 Chili Cook-Off Fenn Valley Winery 3-6 pm 561.2396
January 21 & 22 Portrait Painting Workshop
Cadwallader Fine Art 857-3311
January 22 Bobby T & Friends
What Not Inn 6-10 pm
January 24 “Food & Wine of Spain” A six course meal and accompanying wines Everyday People Café 857.4240
January 24 “The Art of Poetry”
Meijer Gardens 6-8:30 pm 616.974.3144
January 26 Chili Cook-off & Music by Curt Dykema
8-11 pm Till Midnight 616.392.6883
                     More Calendar ---

"Then let yourself love all that you take delight in." - John Ashbery

Hearts and Flowers

For a happy and healthy soul, we’re all supposed to have twenty-three hugs a day. If you’ve been short changed Valentine’s Day is a great time to catch up.

One of our friends always asks for an “Airport hug” and Gene Wilder (aka Gilda Radner’s husband) wrote “Kiss Me Like a Stranger". The message in both – no remote or “automatic” loving allowed no matter how old or new your affair.

While Wickwood has been voted Michigan’s “Most Romantic Inn” by Midwest Living readers, we make Valentine’s Day even more special. Romance is clearly is the air – even more than usual. Hearts, roses and rose petals, chocolates and sweets all day and evening, wine, candlelight, and music for dancing are everywhere. This year Valentines is extended – we’re celebrating from Friday the 10th through Wednesday morning the 15th.

Join us. It seems there’s more love around than ever!


Let it Slow --- Let it Slow

Clearly we’re all trying to slow down! Daily life has become too loud. And, savvy travelers tend to go where the action isn’t.

There are numerous books on the simple life, slowing down, even to simplify your space. We’re all looking for moments of peace.

That’s exactly why Wickwood isn’t high tech. We do have stereos, cd’s, feather beds, books, art, sculptures, softness and serenity. We’re in the business of indulgences and pampering. We like it when folks come to talk to one another, read together by the living room fireplace, while away an afternoon drinking wine and playing backgammon.

So whether the weather is 55 Degrees (as it was yesterday) Or 20 below, come “let it slow” with us.

"Surely joy is the condition of life." - Henry David Thoreau

Spa Time

One of life’s true indulgences that has become a necessity today is spa time – In Saugatuck we have a day spa that’s truly a gem – The Bella Vita. It’s serene, relaxing and professional – with massages, facials, body and beauty treatments. Treat yourself to a Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone or Renewal Raindrop Massage – a Honey Almond or Lavender Body Polish – a manicure or pedicure or some primping. We all need a little pampering and quiet time for ourselves – just schedule it in your Blackberry.

Julee's Journal

Imagine ---I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since my friend John Lennon has been gone. He was a true pal of The Silver Palate. He loved to sit in the front window next to the French grape picker’s basket we used for bread – and chat – with us and our customers.

I remember one winter day in ‘79 when there had been a third huge snowfall in as many days and I’d insisted we open for our neighbors. I’d hiked across Central Park from my apartment on East 68th through three feet of new snow and then later retraced my steps back to my partner’s apartment at the Dakota to pick up the Beef Bourguignon for that day’s “special".

John recognized me climbing snow mounds precariously juggling the huge warm pot and offered to carry it to the store for me. I felt like a queen.

Then he promptly plopped himself on his usual perch – chatted for an hour or so – charming all of us as usual, and when it was time to go home – he bought some of the Beef Stew and sauntered back to the Dakota. It was such a sweet time!!

  Ken Cadwallader

  James Brandess

"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." - Danny Kaye

Gallery Stroll
All of our Galleries are hosting Artist’s Receptions, new works, and Wine and Cheese Open Houses--- Of course, the Tasting Rooms of Fennville and Tabor Hill are stocked and loads of Shops are open and all of our restaurants are serving Cozy comfort fare. Whatever the weather, it’s a great Weekend to meander our villages. Join us.

The Pump House

New Year’s Resolutions resound! To be fit by summer. To be the weight you were at 17. To walk up 5 flights of stairs with gusto. And to fit into a silver string bikini. There’s no other way to do it than to do it.

Whether your regime includes downhill skiing, walks with a pedometer, or Pilates, chances are you need some aerobic exercise and to pump iron as well. Saugatuck’s Pump House has strength equipment, free weights, cardio equipment with broadcast system, Indoor walking and running track, supplements and smoothies, and locker room facilities. They also offer personal training and message therapy. So now there’s no excuse for missing a session while you're visiting Saugatuck. The Pump House. Blue Star Highway, Saugatuck. 269.857.PUMP

Bring home the bacon

When you taste superb bacon or proscuitto – it’s an AH HA! moment and you know you’ve tasted something truly special. You immediately want more! Heritage Foods is offering “La Quercia Artisan Cured Meats” bacon, proscuitto and pancetta. Spring for it – its well worth the extra tariff.

             Wickwood Recipes ---

Cookbooks and Books I’m Loving Just Now
The Silver Spoon – Long time Italian cook’s bible. Just translated for the first time
La Bonne Cuisine – Ditto for the French Madame E. Saint-Ange
Chef Interrupted – Melissa Clark – the Best of American cooks at home
Great Women Chefs of Europe – Gilles Pudlowski – one of my favorite savvy French food critics shares his favorite chefs
Charcuterie – Michael Ruhlman & Brian Polcyn – Brilliant
The New Spanish Table – Anya von Bremzen – captures the new Spanish cooking by extraordinary cooks
Healthy Aging – Dr. Andrew Weil – My Hero!
There and Then – Travel Writings – James Salter – now this is travel writing! Cherish anything he writes
The Debt to Pleasure – John Lanchester – And, this is great food writing!
Snowstorms in a Hot Climate – Sarah Dunant – Again I adore all she writes --- “Maps on the Edge” and “Birth of Venus,” etc. Check out the work by Susan Vreeland and Tracy Chevalier
Harvest for Hope – Jane Goodall – This time it’s all about the diet for humans
The Constant Princess – Philippe Gregory – Great fun in England & Wales in the 15th century
A Man Without a Country – Kurt Vonnegut – the wise man speaketh
The Elements of Style – Strunk & White – illustrated by Maira Kalman; the last word in writing, illustrated by the best!
Note: If you’re not on their list – Contact Kitchen Arts & Letters – America’s best cookbook store with over 11,000 titles from around the world.


  Thimgan Hayden

New Gallery in Douglas

A brilliant American artist, Thimgan Haden-Ruppert, who divides her time between Florence, Italy and Michigan, has brought her extraordinary talent to our towns. Thimgan’s works have won awards at the regional, national, and international level and include portraits, figure works, still life’s, and landscapes. She and her husband also host classes at the gallery this winter. See Town Notices above.

"Curiosity is one of the most permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect." - Samuel Johnson

Bitter Sweet

Today, good cooks everywhere are seeking chocolate made from higher and higher cocoa content. We generally use dark chocolate in the 62 - 65% range in our cooking – but for eating we like 70-80%, even the 99% by Debauve & Gallais in Paris. We particularly love – Guitard from San Francisco, El Rey from Venezuela, Michel Cluizel and Maison du Chocolate in France, Jacques Torres in New York and Scharffen Berger in Berkley. Taste it all. It’s your own preference that counts. Simply, select the chocolate with the taste you like best.

Spring Fever







"With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy."
Lope de Vega

Our idea of good company --- is the company of clever, well-informed people who have
a great deal of conversation! Come play in our village soon, the weather is very very fine!
   Julee and Bill

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