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Posted on: June 14, 2018   |   Posted in: Art, Getaways, News, Things To Do In Saugatuck

Sculpture At Wickwood InnArt, Food & Wine At Wickwood Inn

It’s the start of the summer art season in Saugatuck, and if there’s anything we love almost as much as good food … it’s great art! We have loads of art at Wickwood Inn, and we’re proud to feature terrific artists and sculptors through the entire inn and the gardens.

We have collected art for over half a century in Europe, New York City, and Saugatuck. We buy what we love, and we love to share it all. Hugo Guinness drawings enliven the Living Room and New York’s Barbara Margolis sculptures enchant both indoors and out.

In the guest rooms and suites, you’ll find drawings by Francisco Zuniga, landscape oils by Howard Chandler Christy, bronze sculpture by Richard Eddy, and works from several local artists including Max Mattison and Lisa VanderHill … just to name a few.

In fact, each of the 11 rooms features fine art to enhance its theme. Be sure and visit our Rooms Page so you can find exactly which calming and creative space suits you best!

Outside our walls, the art scene is heating up all over town. The studios and galleries are bursting with new work, and it seems nearly every day there’s an announcement of a new exhibition or an opening party. There are juried art fairs in the park, Exhibitions at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts, Open Studio and Art On The Meadow Workshops at Ox-Bow school of Art, and so many other ways to get out and enjoy the abundance and diversity of art throughout the Saugatuck area.

LaFontsee Galleries will be featuring Artist Demos, featuring 2-4 artists at a tine, from June – September.

J. Petter Galleries second Saturday Gallery Strolls, including wine and live music, are not to be missed.

Button Gallery is proudly highlighting their 3 new artists to the more than 20 others represented.

Armstrong DeGraaf International Fine Art will be hosting a series solo exhibitions, along with wine and cheese nights.

Roan & Black Contemporary Gallery will be hosting themed openings such as Abstracta, Terra Firma, and Sculptura throughout the summer.

Water Street Gallery has an exciting series of shows: Opposites Attract, Birds Of A Feather, and Still Waters Run Deep, just to name a few.

James Brandess Studios & Gallery is a perennial favorite for tourists and locals alike. See how many of his layered oil paintings you can find around town.

Good Goods kicks off their exhibition season with Abstraction, Perception, Reflection but don’t limit yourself to their fine art. The clothing, jewelry, furniture, and other collectables are worth equal time.

Jeff Blandford Gallery embodies the best of the Saugatuck art scene. Jeff’s pottery and glass work will delight and inspire.

Awazwi Contemporary Art Of Africa is totally excited about the new works of Charles Nkomo. In fact, Charles even did some painting while in Saugatuck this spring.

Peachbelt Studio is a true gem. We’re not sure what we love best … the 1867 one room brick school house setting of this studio, or the amazing oil painting by Dawn Stafford. Enjoy it al!

Of course, this is only a beginning to all that’s happening this summer during Saugatuck’s hot art season. You won’t want to miss each of the galleries that are part of the Blue Coast Art Tour and the Artz & Gardens Tour.  You may even want to enjoy a few hours at the Express Yourself Art Barn.

Be inspired.

Reserve your summer getaway to Wickwood Inn today. Take time to stroll through the Inn and the gardens to explore our art collection, and then get there and enjoy!





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