Our Rock Stars

“When one has tasted watermelons one knows what angels eat.”

~ Mark Twain

Tomatoes at the market

At Wickwood, we are longstanding, proud supporters of those we consider to be the true rock stars of the food world: our farmers. Michigan is the second most diverse state in the country when it comes to the variety of crops we grow. We’re lucky, in Saugatuck, to live amidst farmers with long generations of traditions, and farms with some of the richest black soil in the state, in a microclimate with an extended growing season warmed by the breezes of Lake Michigan.

For the last twenty five years, we have constantly visited our friends at their farms, in the fields, and at their roadside stands to gather the best of each season. Sometimes we have to go farther afield. We’re inspired as we shop. We take those ingredients back to the kitchen and start cooking from scratch. Our aim is for explosive flavors with every bite.

Farmers' market

Flower lady

Fresh radishes and beets

We are proud of our rock star farmers and artisan food producers:

Kismet Bakery
Mud Lake Farm
Evergreen Lane Creamery
Coach Farms
Grassfield’s Creamery
Salumi Artisan Cured Meats
Benton’s Country Ham
Heritage Foods
Mikuni Organics
The Lobster Place
Superior Seafood/Fish Lads

Crane Orchard
Virtue Cider Mill
Earl’s Fruits
Boeve Farm
Visser Farm
Simpatico Coffee
Hamilton Dahlia Farm
Great American Cheeses
Zone 5
Glasgow Greenhouse
K Gardens
CJ’s Organic Vegetables
Ottowa Glads

Specialty Gardens
VanTil’s Greenhouse
Latchaw Farm
Mann Farm
Arnsman Farm
Otto’s Poultry Farm
Sunrise Orchards
Eater’s Guild
Hoffer Heirloom Tomatoes
Radseck Farm
Boetsing Produce
Draeger’s Meats

The beauty of this site made possible with help from the following photographers:

Erin Wilkinson
Christian Giannelli
Chuck Whitman

Lois Mulder
Ted Swoboda

Fred Schmidt
Felicia Fairchild

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