Breathe New Life Into Your Love Life This Spring In Saugatuck

Posted on: March 12, 2019   |   Posted in: Getaways, Things To Do In Saugatuck

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The Wickwood Inn Experience Refreshes Your Romantic Soul

There’s a new hint of spring in Saugatuck, Michigan. You hear it and smell it in the air everywhere.  Soon the dahlias and flowering almonds tantalize our senses with a sweet spring dance.  The birds return to our waterways and celebrate with songs.  Then, we say a fond farewell to our sparkling winter wonderland along the shores of lake Michigan.  And if the magic of a winter getaway in Saugatuck passes you by, then you are ready for Saugatuck in springtime.  It’s the perfect season to travel here and the best time to refresh your relationship with a romantic spring getaway.

According to a study by US Travel, couples who travel, stay together longer.  They experience more romance and have better communication. We see this happen so often at Wickwood – that relaxation and “together time” creates loving bonds.


Three Ways To Experience New Life In Your Love Life This Spring In Saugatuck, Michigan

Get Away Together At Least Once A Year

Life is always there. But what if, in 2019, you have one amazing holiday together?  There are sweet experiences and activities in Saugatuck in every season!

When you make a reservation at Wickwood Inn, let us know that you’re on a special getaway, and we help you plan everything from breathtaking flowers and champagne in your room to arranging a special horse-drawn carriage ride during your stay. We know that traveling together is very special, so we offer many specials to couples on vacation. Maybe you’re a couple that thrives on activities like cross-country skiing or biking together.  Or you enjoy the slower pace of sipping fine brews and wine tastings.  We can make recommendations!


“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”
~ Helen Keller


Go For A Walk and Hold Hands

Walking along hand in hand is a simple way to bring new life into your relationship.  It sounds trite and simple, but in actual fact, it is the very thing children often remember about their parents. It’s the affection, the little things. Since Wickwood Inn is just a few blocks from the shores of Lake Michigan, enjoy a romantic stroll along a spring Oval Beach.  Venture together along the small town avenues of Saugatuck with a warm cup of coffee from Uncommon Grounds.  Nip into the many unique boutiques and shops along our downtown Saugatuck streets.  This is the perfect time to pay some new special attention to each other while you visit Saugatuck, Michigan.


“She said nothing with her voice and everything with her caring touch.”
~ Dave Cenker, ‘Second Chance’


Try A New Experience Together

Wickwood Inn is where food lovers unite! Having new experiences together will enhance your joy and conversation and eating well is a very important part of any getaway. At Wickwood, we take great pride in supporting our local farmers that have been planting and growing in the rich Michigan black soil for generations. We provide explosive flavors with every bite of our complimentary bed and breakfast food! You’ll be talking about the Roasted Bruschetta or Artisanal Cheese & Charcuterie Board with Homemade Chutneys from Evening Sips & Plates, or the Pistachio Sausage and Asparagus Frittata you had at our farm-to-table breakfast for years to come!

In fact, while you’re here, explore the many delicious restaurants in Saugatuck, Michigan  such as our newest Saugatuck restaurant, Coast 236.  Or try new wines at J Petter Galleries.  Maybe taste a new craft beer at Saugatuck Brewing Company or our new breweries, Guardian Brewing and Waypost Brewing.  Spark new life in your relationship!


Plan Your Spring Getaway In Saugatuck

Make travel to Wickwood Inn a priority to experience this spring in Saugatuck.  Discover how the fresh Lake Michigan air in Saugatuck can breathe new life into your relationship!

Think about the romantic experience and new beginnings that await you and your loved one in Saugatuck, Michigan. Plan your spring rejuvenation vacation to Saugatuck’s Wickwood Inn now!  Innkeepers await and help you plan every special detail for the perfect getaway to rekindle your love.  It’s easy.  Just phone the Inn at 269-857-1465 to begin.

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