Grand Haven | Discover It On Your Day Trip From Saugatuck, MI

Posted on: June 23, 2019   |   Posted in: Getaways, Things To Do In Saugatuck

big outdoor water fountain in grand haven with six tall sprays and one spray that fans out and all are lit with a rainbow of colors during this nighttime display large body of water in grand haven with a long pier that has a lighthouse off in the distance on the end of the pier at dusk elaborate carved sandcastles on a beach in grand haven against a pink sunset at dusk row of quaint downtown shops in grand haven lining a walkway in the summer with green trees along it


Nearby Grand Haven Makes For A Great Day Trip From Wickwood Inn

Grand Haven, MI is a fantastic place to visit for a day when you stay in Saugatuck.  Sometimes, when guests reserve a 2-3 day getaway to Wickwood Inn … they may never leave the inn. After all, taking time to truly slow down and unwind IS luxurious. But, Wickwood Inn’s perfect location in the heart of historical downtown Saugatuck. Many people LOVE to walk, hike, job, bike, battle, or sail away.  They take in all that the Saugatuck area has to offer. During Indian Summer, our days remain warm and the nights become just a little crisp.  It’s that perfect combination for an extended 4 – 6 day stay at Wickwood Inn. With the luxury of time, perhaps you want to venture out and explore some of our neighboring towns, like Grand Haven!

Today we feature our shoreline neighbor to the north. Here are a few of the places you won’t want to miss!

Grand Haven, MI Things To Do

·       Grand Haven State Park | 48-acre park has a beautiful sandy shore along Lake Michigan on the west side of the park. The Grand River flows along the north side of the park. It’s entirely beach sand, and provides scenic views of Lake Michigan and the Grand Haven pier and lighthouse.

·       Shopping Downtown | Plan your shopping trip and find those off-the-beaten-path spots.  Explore galleries, wineries, boutiques and specialty shops in and around Grand Haven. MacKite, Lee & Birch, Down To Earth, and Fortino’s are just a few of the fun shops you’ll want to explore.

·       Musical Fountain | Fun for all ages, the Grand Haven Musical Fountain is a synchronized water and light show over the water that is accompanied with music of all varieties. Built in 1962 this fountain was the largest musical fountain in the world when it was built and held that title until 1998.

“It’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.”
~ Asian Proverb

·       Rosy Mound Natural Area | a classic Great Lakes dune system including a hiking trail from the parking area to the Lake Michigan shoreline. It includes 1,000 feet of stairs up and down the dunes and scenic views of woods, the dune blowout and Lake Michigan. 

·       Dining | Enjoy Morningside Cafe for an amazing breakfast or lunch, Odd Side Ales for an excellent beer, Righteous Cuisine for a quick, innovative taco, or Snug Harbor for a great water view!

·       Chocolates by Grimaldi | Where decadent confections are hand-made using chocolate with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or waxes. They use local and Michigan-made ingredients in their gourmet confections ensuring the highest quality products. Taste. Take a tour. Or sign up for a class. Be sure and try their top seller, Chips ’N Chocolate.  This combination of Michigan-made potato chips covered in creamy milk chocolate is a sensational marriage of sweet and salty, with a kick of crunch. 

On Your Return From Grand Haven To Wickwood Inn

After spending some time in Coast Guard City, USA … come on back to Saugatuck.  You’re in time for Sips & Small Plates at Wickwood Inn. It’s our favorite hour of the day and bringing the Inn’s guests together for good food is what we do best.  And, it’s the perfect time to share your adventures in Grand Haven!

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