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USA Today names Saugatuck to list of: 10 Best Lake Towns In North America!

Thrillist adds Saugatuck to list of: America’s 20 Greatest Summertime Lake Towns.

A recent blog title by The Discoverer caught our eye: 6 American Lakes that are Better than the Beach. Curious minds near Lake Michigan had to know … would our GREAT Lake get the recognition it deserves? The article got off to a promising start, “… when planning your next vacation, looking inland will lead you to discover that freshwater coastlines are abundant, and packed with character and attractions you wouldn’t believe. SCUBA fanatics, hikers, and sunbathers alike will be amazed by the freshwater alternatives to their favorite salty shoreline.”

Okay, time to scroll down and find out exactly which lakes made the cut:

  1. Lake Powell
  2. Crater Lake

we can’t really argue with either of those …

3. Lake Michigan

YES … now we’re talking! Here’s just a little of what The Discoverer had to say about where we get to play every day:

“With more than 16k miles of shoreline, Lake Michigan has a beach for every type of vacationer … Choose the destination that works for you and enjoy all Lake Michigan has to offer.”

“There’s only one way to tackle life, enjoy a day at the beach, and jump into a Great Lake: Headfirst!”
~ Viola Shipman

When it comes to exploring Lake Michigan, Saugatuck’s fascinating coastline is the perfect place for your next getaway.

What makes Saugatuck so unique? In addition to being nestled on Lake Michigan’s sandy shoreline, and surrounded by dunes, our quaint village is also framed by the Kalamazoo River and Lake Kalamazoo. This means there’s an abundance of easy access to our brilliant freshwater.

Wickwood Inn’s ideal location in the heart of historic downtown Saugatuck ensures you can rest easy, enjoy good food, and then head out for an adventure on the waters of Lake Michigan.

If you don’t own a boat, how exactly do you get out there and enjoy?  Here’s the Wickwood Inn guide with a few of the ways you can get out and play:

  • The Star Of Saugatuck | listen to the water running off the paddle wheels as you gently glide down the Kalamazoo River. See Saugatuck from the water, a totally different view from what you see on land, and take in the majesty of Lake Michigan
  • The Harbor Duck | Two towns, one river, one harbor. Tour picturesque Saugatuck & Douglas on land and water in this World War II amphibious vessel
  • The Chain Ferry | Hop the only remaining chain driven ferry in the country  for a ride across the river and then take the walking trail to Oval Beach.
  • Sail Away Into The Sunset | Sail out of the harbor of Saugatuck with Captain Mort. Past the pier heads, as the engine goes off, the views of the beach and the dunes, the sparkling blue water, and the wind in the sails will melt all tension away.
  • Retro Boat Rentals | This fleet of meticulously maintained and rare classic runabout boats are available for everyone to enjoy. The fanciful fins and headlights, retro cool colors and chrome details, keep their vintage style. The electric motors make them quiet and environmentally friendly.
  • West Michigan Cycle Boat | Is it a boat? A bar? West Michigan Cycle Boat gives you the unique opportunity to throw your own private party right on the water in their one-of-a-kind party barge. This 16 passenger pedal powered boat is the first  “Cycleboat” on the west side of the state
  • Pontoon Boat Rentals | Big Lake Outfitters & Makin’ Waves are two options for spending some time simply enjoying life on a pontoon boat. Just think of it as your floating deck for the day.
  • Charter Fishing Tours | These expert tour guides will help you (and your group?) have a successful and fun day out on the water
  • Kayak & Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals | Whether you want to be out on the water for an hour or a day, there’s nothing better than simply paddling and gliding along.
  • Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Classes | Nestled away and protected by the dunes, Goshorn Lake is a pristine location for SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) Yoga. No experience is necessary. Board provided.

Reserve your Great Lake Getaway at Wickwood Inn today!

No Salt. No Sharks. No Worries. Lake Michigan!


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