Five Reasons We’re Thankful To Be In Saugatuck

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This Is Also Why People Love To Visit Saugatuck

You know that place you visit in your dreams – the one that makes you feel like a visitor and at home at the same time? The place that wraps you up in eclectic hometown quaintness charm while giving you the reset you need? Well, it actually exists – it’s Saugatuck! Our town may be small, but we boast big hospitality. Whether you are looking for a weekend or midweek getaway special, we can help you push that reset button and make you feel at home at Wickwood Inn. Call us any time to book your next visit!


“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”
~ Willie Nelson


As residents, we may be a little biased, but it’s the town itself that brings visitors from all over North America, time and time again.  And we have the privilege of hosting you and sharing our love for “all things food” in our boutique hotel. We have so much to be thankful for in our little lake town, and as we prepare our hearts for Thanksgiving, we wanted to share five reasons that make us thankful to be here in Saugatuck.


“Gratitude … can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”
~ Melody Beattie


Reasons We’re Thankful To Live Here

Michigan’s Lakes and Rivers

Also known in Saugatuck as The Big Lake, the ever-changing colors of Lake Michigan will take your breath away.  It’s a special thing to walk along the shores where long sandy beaches stretch for miles and miles.  You feel like you’re standing near an ocean with its vastness, its endless waters and skies. With waves big (perfect for body surfing) and small (perfect for leisurely swimming), you can relax and swim in the big lake because there are no fish big enough to bother you!  That’s a great reason to be thankful, too.

Visitors can take in the many meandering rivers or wildlife filled lagoons, while the smaller attached lakes can all be accessed by renting a kayak, stand-up board or small boat. Yachts, speedboats and sailboats go whizzing by and for those without a ride, you can catch one on the big river paddle boat – Star of Saugatuck. Pack your bicycle, or rent one, for a relaxing ride along the beach trails, or hop aboard the vintage chain ferry from downtown Saugatuck to the other side of the Kalamazoo River to visit Ox-Bow, our famed Oval Beach.

If staying on land is more your thing, you can enjoy hiking through vineyards and orchards, or even along the lakeshore through the rolling dunes with a stunning view of Lake Michigan.


Saugatuck Locals

Isn’t people-watching, or locals-watching, one of the best things about travel? We absolutely love the people who call this town home. The interesting, sophisticated mix of people who have found their way to Saugatuck from diverse backgrounds and various places is astounding.

Saugatuck-Douglas just feels more vibrant because of the artists, writers, chefs, farmers, gardeners, designers, actors, singers, authors, craftspeople, and all of the talented entrepreneurs. Our town is made up of brilliant people who have fallen in love with these small villages and added their own eclectic touch to our community and have shaped our small town’s shops, businesses, schools, galleries and restaurants into what it is today.  For the real flavour of our town, have a seat at the bar at Phil’s during mid-week to do get to know some of the locals.  Ask them (and our innkeepers!) questions about things to do around town.  They’ll happily give you an insider’s view of their favorite spots to see and places to eat.


The Culture

Did you know that Al Capone had a Saugatuck connection and there is a whole town buried in our sand dunes? For a town of less than 2000 people to have a very active Historical Center with interesting stories (and a nicely blossoming Museum) says a lot about the commitment to our community.

Our Saugatuck Center For The Arts impressively brings in Broadway talents, and hosts much anticipated theatrical productions, cultural lectures, and concerts that will satisfy even the most picky music aficionados.  There is literally something going on all the time from one of the library’s many eclectic events or the Venetian Festival, Art Gallery Strolls, 4th of July Parade, 2 Halloween Parades, Annual Christmas Carol Holiday Parade, the fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve,  or the many pop up events. There is always something happening during your Wickwood Inn stay!

Our small-town owner-operated shops are a true gem and there’s a restaurant for every palate (though if you’re visiting Wickwood, we can guarantee to satisfy the foodie in you!)  Artists from the Chicago Institute of Arts visit Ox-Bow come to flex their creativity at the artist lakeshore resort.  Handcrafted artisans’ work will be found everywhere you turn so that you leave with a little something from your visit to Saugatuck.


Six Seasons

Yes, we said six. We told you Saugatuck was like none other!  Each season has its own distinct personality and there is much to love about each. Now listen closely. There’s springsummer, Indian Summer, fall, the Holidays, and winter.  When you visit, we can explain each of those and the outdoor activities for each that you must try while visiting Saugatuck. There’s something interesting to do any time of the year! See our itineraries for a treasure trove of information on each of these seasons in Saugatuck. Now, can you imagine what a magical place Saugatuck will be at Christmas if we devote an entire season to it?!


Small Town Pace

Remember that place in your dreams we mentioned earlier? It’s small town Saugatuck. And though we have a slower pace, we miss nothing in the world!!  That slower pace begins with our farm-to-table breakfast at Wickwood Inn and carries over into every experience throughout the town. Don’t want to be on the phone trying to reserve a  table at 6pm?  No problem. During many of the seasons, you don’t need reservations at most of our best restaurants.  Don’t mind the deer and ducks slowing your pace as they cross the road because parking isn’t a problem for most of the year. Get to know the owners of the shops when you visit and know that you’re visiting a town where people love being a part of making our Saugatuck the best it can be – for themselves and everyone who visits.

If walking around town enjoying that slower pace doesn’t sound enjoyable, there is a relaxing Interurban bus that will pick you up and drop you off anywhere in our nearby community for only $1 per person.  The storied sights to see around town combined with our quirky mix of ‘villagers’ creates quite the unique nostalgic small town that we feel is unlike any other.

Life here is memorable…and easy.


We invite you to take advantage of Wickwood’s ongoing midweek stay specials. Give us a call today to plan your relaxing stay.  You’ll be thankful you did!


“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”
~ Mark Black

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