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We’re excited to introduce you to all of the goodness emerging from the kitchen at Kismet Bakery. In its expanded and convenient location in downtown Douglas, Kismet offers a unique selection of slow fermented breads, sweet and savory bakery delights, and other provisions … all with a focus on quality, natural ingredients. We always trust the process and love the taste!

If there’s a guiding principle at Wickwood Inn, it’s the fact that we LOVE bringing great people together for good food. Whether we’re searching the farmers’ markets for the freshest tomatoes, picking blueberries for our guests to enjoy at Brunch ( … and every other time of day?!),  or creating a new flavor combination for atop our Crostini … good food makes us giddy!

“The art of bread making can become a consuming hobby, and no matter how often and how many kinds of bread one has made, there always seems to be something new to learn.”
~ Julia Child

With her restaurant history, it may come as no surprise that Kismet’s founder, Mari Terczak, feels best outdoors on the farm or in the kitchen. As a 3rd generation cook and 1st generation farmer, Mari’s 23-acre farm is home to 70-year old pear and apple orchards, organic peaches, raspberries, heirloom veggies and tomatoes, woods, nut trees, a pond, a creek, as well as wild abundance.

When asked about her family connection to food, Mari explains:

“My parents met at a restaurant called ‘The Bakery’ in Chicago.  My mom went on to raise kids and work with food as a freelance cheesecake supplier before heading on to higher education and working in new fields. My Dad went on to be one of Chicagos best and brightest Chefs in the 80’s and 90’s peaking with Sole Mio restaurant in Lincoln park. He passed at 49 yrs old. I worked for him through grammar school and high school laying a solid foundation for the work I do now.”

These days, Mari and her talented staff are producing an impressive variety of baked goods … both sweet and savory. If we had to name a signature item at Kismet Bakery, it would be their Seedy Salt bread … in all its magnificent shapes, sizes, and flavor combinations. Fair warning, this crusty, whole hearth breadwith just the right amount of seeds on the interior, and that extra burst of salt on top—can be addictive. As she hustled between bakes, we asked Mari about her inspiration for this flavor combination.

“I was trying to create the bacon of bread … something irresistibly savory.”

Well, Mari … we think you did it! In fact, we love it so much we order special Seedy Salt baguettes for Wickwood Inn and use it nightly for our Crostini during our Sips & Small Plates happy hour.

IF you can get yourself to look beyond the Seedy Salt, there’s so much more to can enjoy at Kismet. Looking for other breads? Try the Dark & Lovely or the Sunflower Wheat. In the mood for something sweet? How about the Gluten Free Flourless Brownie with Ganache, the Hazelnuttie Cookie, or whatever variety Fruit Tart is on hand (Fresh Blueberries and Lemon Curd at the moment this is being written … YUM!). Have time to sit and enjoy your surroundings? Order up a slice of Quiche or an OhMyGoodness! Biscuit  (always 2 varieties: one veg, one meat), delight in an Espresso drink of choice, and perhaps indulge in some fresh, hot beignets!

Insider’s Tip: While enjoying that latte and those beignets, take a few moments to admire the art! The beach and landscape scenes of local artist Anne Corlett look amazing in this space … maybe one of these oil paintings is the perfect gift to yourself? We can’t imagine a much better reminder of your getaway to Wickwood Inn!

Want to pack your picnic basket for the sunset or load up your cooler for home? Don’t miss the fantastic selection of homemade hummus varieties and the not-to-be-missed Green Sauce … just the right balance between fresh and spice that’s good on EVERYTHING! Of course, there’s also a very well-curated collection of olives, salamis, cheese, local produce, grass-fed meats, and so much more.

We don’t want you to miss out on the latest creations at Kismet nor the spectacular summer we’re having in Saugatuck. Don’t wait any longer. Experience the difference at Wickwood Inn. Reserve your getaway today!

“Cooking and baking is both mental and physical therapy.”
~ Mary Berry


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