Frequently Asked Questions About Saugatuck, Michigan

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How do you pronounce Saugatuck? What does Saugatuck mean?

The correct pronunciation of Saugatuck is Saw-gu-tuck. The 1st postmaster, R.R.Crosby, was familiar with the Native American name “Saugatuck”, meaning mouth of the river. He suggested the name for the proximity to the Kalamazoo waters, and it was accepted.

Where is Saugatuck, Michigan?

The village of Saugatuck lies on the western edge of the state bordering Lake Michigan. The layout of the town wraps around the northern edge of Kalamazoo Lake.

How far is Saugatuck, MI from Chicago?

The distance between Saugatuck and Chicago is approximately 139 miles and takes roughly two hours to drive. This short commute makes Saugatuck a prime summertime tourist destination for residents of the Windy City.

What time zone is Saugatuck, MI in?

Saugatuck lies on the western border of the Eastern Time Zone.

What Michigan County is Saugatuck in?

The village is located in Allegan County on the western side of Michigan. Allegan is a Chippewa Indian word that means ‘the lake of the Algonquins.’ This county was formally organized in 1835. Allegan is the 18th largest county in the state and is comprised of 24 townships. Approximately 25 miles of its west coast lies on Lake Michigan.

What is Saugatuck, MI known for?

A popular resort town, the economy of Saugatuck is primarily driven by tourism. The village was a well-known art colony in the late 19th century during the Arts and Crafts movement. Today visitors can still enjoy over a dozen art galleries that call Saugatuck home. Beside the many shops, other points of interest in Saugatuck include Oval Beach and the Saugatuck Dunes State Park. The Star of Saugatuck is a paddle-wheel boat that takes riders on daily tours of Lake Michigan and the Kalamazoo River. Also a point of attraction is the Saugatuck Center for the Arts. Here guests can enjoy music concerts, art exhibits and a green market.

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