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Ida Reds Cottage Of Saugatuck, MI | The Classic Village Restaurant

At Ida Reds Cottage, a longtime restaurant in downtown Saugatuck, Michigan, we always eat well. At Wickwood Inn, new restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, galleries, and boutiques excite us when they open in Saugatuck. But, we also have respect for those businesses who thrive after many years in Saugatuck, MI. Ida Reds Cottage opened their downtown Saugatuck restaurant in 1986.  They serve made-from-scratch, homemade, hearty breakfasts and lunches. We know it’s a going to be a good day when we get to nuzzle in a big booth. Sip some steaming hot coffee and a freshly squeezed orange juice.  Then, we decide if we’re in the mood for breakfast or lunch at Ida Reds.

Getting To Ida Reds

No need to worry about parking around downtown Saugatuck. Ida Reds is an easy 3 minute stroll from the Wickwood Inn Bed & Breakfast. Take a seat at the counter or climb in to a cozy booth.  Maybe opt to dine al fresco on their patio and prepare to enjoy.

Ida Reds Delicious Breakfast

For breakfast, you can’t go wrong with a Scramble. First, fresh veggies are sautéed in the pan. Then, they pour whole eggs into the pan so that all the good nutrients remain. Served piping hot, we love the Greek (Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, chunky feta, and kalamata olive).  But, the Milano (Broccoli, garlic, cheddar or parmesan cheese and tomato) is delicious, too. If you are an omelet fan, the omelets here are fantastic as well as the Steak And Eggs!  Also, you must try the Raspberry Muffins and their Corn Cakes.

We’re also partial to the Whole Grain Griddle Cakes.  Whole wheat unbleached flour, cornmeal, and rolled oats are delightfully satisfying and surprisingly light cake. Delicious! And yes, order the homemade muffin of the day to share at the table … or eat every bite yourself. We won’t judge.

Local Tip | Eat Lunch at Ida Reds, Too

Although locally famous for a great breakfast, Ida Reds also has amazing food on their lunch menu. Lunch begins at 11a.m. Try the homemade soup, Italian Sausage sandwich, and at least one selection of fresh Ida Reds Salads. Find the Salads, and the specials of the day, written on the chalkboards near the front door. Pasta lovers love their Pasta Primavera and Pasta Alfredo.  Need something with a bit more meat?  We love the Souvlaki with Filet of Beef.  Order up a traditional Warm Rice Pudding for Dessert.  Or go all out and order their Banana Split.

Just make sure before you go to Ida Reds, you check your wallet or hit the ATM before heading this Saugatuck restaurant. Cash is the only King here.

Visit Ida Reds During Your Wickwood Inn Stay

Plan your Saugatuck getaway and reserve your room, or guest suite, at Wickwood Inn today. And while you visit, discover one of downtown Saugatuck’s longest running restaurants just around the corner.  Ida Reds has a steaming cup of coffee and a great homemade meal waiting for you.

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”
~ Orson Welles






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