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navy and white art decor era building with arched windows and a red sign that reads J. Petter Galleries

Petter Wine Gallery & Wine Tasting in Saugatuck, MI, peak into their window filled with wine boxes and wine info next to their sign with their art logo of a silhouette of a person holding a bottle and glass.

art exhibitions at J. Petter where they bring out the gourmet foods from the artisan food shop for buffets with beautiful appetizers, cheeses, breads, spreads and sweets.

an antique wooden table with a collection of wood turned art sculptures, vessels and food boards in an art gallery setting




J. Petter is where selecting fine art is an experience to savor.

J. Petter Galleries is a unique find for art enthusiasts, collectors, designers, historians and wine lovers. With over 12,000 square feet of gallery space, J. Petter features more than 1000 pieces of fine art. The work of 65 professional artists grace the walls.  Need one more reason to visit?  Well, the J. Petter Wine Gallery Shop has a well curated, boutique collection of over 400 types of wine. There’s no better place to relax, sip, and be inspired! Order a glass of wine from their elegant (and art filled) wine bar. Then, stroll through two expansive floors of art gallery, plus, a sculpture garden, while you sip. Beautiful art surrounds you with each step (and sip) you take. This stunning space boasts fine paintings, drawings, art & etching prints, sculpture, and glass.  The boutique wines, artisan cheeses, and hand poured chocolates in the wine bar and shop compliment the art experience.

There’s so much art to love at J. Petter.

Art enthusiasts love the art events at J. Petter!  On the Second Saturday of each month, art exhibitions, demonstrations and special events take place.  a crowd will often gather to watch artists work.  This is also an opportunity for art collectors to interact personally with artists they follow.  For interior designers, J. Petter is a one stop shop for artwork across many mediums and styles.  There’s something for everyone here.

For historians, well the very buildings themselves are a creation by Carl Hoerman, an architect and artist popular in the mid-1900s. He built them as a gallery/studio/art center in the 1920’s and a lot of original features remain today. Many of Hoerman’s paintings are hanging in the bank in downtown Saugatuck.  There are two buildings to explore.  The largest contains the J. Petter’s collection of two floors of artwork and the adjacent wine bar and gourmet shop.  The ‘barn’ now houses the Upscale Mercantile store, full of curated vintage art decor.

“Beer is made by men, wine by God.”
~ Martin Luther, circa 1500’s

And, at Wickwood, we love their wine gallery.

The J. Petter Art Gallery and Wine Gallery are less than five minutes from Wickwood Inn. It’s one of our favorite hotspots for Saugatuck area craft drinks!  J. Petter features varied select wines, Michigan local craft beers & ciders, decadent bubbles, and artisan soft drinks. Select by region, grape, color, or just your taste buds! You can enjoy by the taste or the glass.  And, do not forget to explore the retail wine and food shop.  Find true artisan cheeses, cured meats, handmade chocolates, special order gourmet condiments, local preserves, breads and more.  Some are available to taste when you order form the bar menu.  Try the Ooh La La with baguette, olive oil for dipping, olives, nuts and chocolate.  Or, maybe you should try the very special Bakewell Quiche of the Day.

By exclusive arrangement, the innkeepers at Wickwood may secure you a reservation for an intimate wine tasting for two. Conducted by the Wine Pros at the J. Petter Wine Gallery (PWG) —  this wine tour is just for you. The PWG boasts over 400 wines from around the world. All are carefully selected, small, independent vineyards that cherish their terroir as much as their varietals and wine making traditions. It’s like taking a little trip to some of the world’s best vineyards with a learned guide. A rare experience enhanced with a special Wickwood wine purchase discount. For this 2 hour experience, you can select from all red, all white, a regional tasting, or a varietal flight.

“Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it.”
~ Anonymous

Why not reserve a special art getaway to Wickwood Inn today and explore a world of wines and wonderful fine art? Of course, the food, wine, and art are also part of your experience at Wickwood Inn! All of our rooms feature original art from around the world. We pamper you with freshly made foods from morning till night. We believe in the power of beauty and the joy of gathering around a table for good food. It’s simple … life tastes better here. Join us for your next getaway. Reserve your room or guest suite today!




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