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Old School House of 1866


SDHC Pump House Museum






Wickwood Inn, Saugatuck, MI




“While we are living in the present, we must celebrate life every day, knowing that we are becoming history with every work, every action, every deed.”
~ Mattie Stepanek

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.”
~ Nina Dobrev

We want all of our guests to be in the know about what’s happening in our village … because when you visit Saugatuck, we want you to love life like a local!

Today’s insider’s tip focuses on the amazing activities planned by the Saugatuck-Douglas History Center. From daffodils to dining around town, S-D History Center events stop the show and give you a glimpse into fascinating moments in Saugatuck history.

When you reserve your stay at Wickwood Inn, you are perfectly located in the center of Saugatuck’s historic district and within walking distance to everything! And, we pamper you with culinary delights all day long. Waking up to a breakfast at Wickwood Inn is usually filled with surprises, and in Spring we love to serve our Very Berry Shortcake to start the day. Warm flaky biscuits, juicy berries overflowing and cool, tart whipped cream more than satisfy. They put a smile on your face for the whole day.

And, so does the SDHC! For over 20 years, the Saugatuck-Douglas History Center (SDHC) has been raising funds, heightening our awareness, making meaningful contributions to our community, and having a whole lot of fun while doing it all.

The name of their newsletter, “The Ball and Chain” provides a glimpse at the cleverness and creativity embodied by this group. Ball and Chain brings together the two best known landmarks in our communities. Mt. Baldhead’s Radar Ball and the Chain Ferry. Of course, a stay in Saugatuck certainly is not something holding you back. Rather, Saugatuck is always a place that people wish they could stay a little longer!

If this if your first introduction to this group, all that they do, and the wonder they bring to our community, here’s just a taste of what’s happening this Spring with the Saugatuck-Douglas History Center!

Dine Around: From gourmet dinners in exclusive homes to casual home tour/cocktail parties, these culinary events always feature great food, good times, and all for a fantastic cause.

The next Dine Around Town event is titled “Experience Spear Street” which invites you into 3 spectacular homes “up on the hill, ” Friday, June 2nd. This is a special opportunity to meet new friends in the community as you enjoy cocktails, appetizers, and camaraderie on this special cul-de-sac.

After that, it’s “Shuffle on Sheffield Lane,” Thursday, July 13th.  Enjoy a peaceful evening overlooking “Arthur’s Lake” in Fennville. Enjoy the beautiful furnishings, colorful decor, fabulous artwork, and scenic koi pond and lake. Then, visit the newly built “Modern Farmhouse” and admire the beauty and creativity of this new, custom home.

The 1866 Old School House, Life Boat Exhibit, and Back-In-Time Garden

Right now the hundreds of Daffodil bulbs planted by volunteers are in full splendor in the Back-In-Time Garden. No matter what time of Spring or Summer you’re here, be sure and stroll through this stunning piece of serenity … complete with informational signs throughout and beautiful handmade benches from local tree trunks!

With its fresh coat of paint, the School House is looking good for its 150 year celebration later in the season!

The Pump House Museum

One of the best locations to learn about the history of Saugatuck, Michigan, the Pump House Museum is located on the west bank of the Kalamazoo River at the foot of Mt. Baldhead Park. This Saugatuck-Douglas Museum is one of Michigan’s best-known and most-visited small-town museums, annually drawing nearly 10,000 visitors to its exhibits and more than 40,000 visitors to its outdoor garden and harbor-front walkway at historic Mt. Baldhead and just steps from the Saugatuck Chain Ferry.

From dancing, shipwrecks, the history of summer fun, artists, gangsters and just plain folks, the Main gallery features changing exhibitions by a team of professional writers and designers.

We can’t wait for the unveiling of this year’s exhibition titled Cold War | Hot Towns. This new exhibition at the History Museum chronicles how the two small lakeshore villages of Saugatuck and Douglas reflected the contrasting worlds of fear and fun during the Cold War era of the 1950s-1970s.

“Prior to World War II, the villages had a remarkably good relationship with visitors, but in the post-war years this cozy relationship was disrupted amid a rapidly changing world. New cars, superhighways, and plenty of cash drew the pre-war tourist clientele to more exotic destinations, leaving the towns ripe for invasion by wild youth in fast cars and motorcycle gangs who arrived on summer weekends by the thousands. Some were hippies, most were not. Some were locals, most were not. The streets were clogged with cars parading up and down. Ruffians zoomed through town on loud motorcycles. Bars were plentiful – from classy to trashy – and the live jazz and rock music was the best in Michigan. Add in big boats and the Oval, the marvelous “drive-in” beach, to complete a ’50s scene where automobile, sand, water, and beach crowd met like nowhere else.”
~ The Ball and Chain, May 2017

This exploration of Saugatuck & Douglas in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s is sure to entertain, inform, and amaze.

When you visit Saugatuck, Michigan in Spring, this museum is a “must-see” experience that is always free. Oh, and don’t miss the famous Root Beer Barrel as you drive to the Museum. You’re sure to see it on the corner of Center and Ferry Street.

There’s also Carnival Day … a  Family Fun Day at the Old School House with a carnival and old-fashioned games theme and A Gala Evening celebrating the 150th year of the Old School House to look forward to.

On top of all this, the SDHC sponsors Tuesday Talks, Root Camp, and so much more.

Even better, nearly all of the History Center’s events are open to the public.

Visit Saugatuck this Spring for some education, relaxation, and inspiration … you’re going to love life here! And, Wickwood Inn is at the center of it all. So, whether you choose to walk, pedal, or drive, you’ll enjoy easy access to all of the History Center’s events and so much more that’s happening in Saugatuck this Spring and Summer.

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