Love Michigan’s Local Farms For Fresh And Tasty Spring Farm To Table Food

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Wickwood’s Farm To Table Offerings Celebrate Saugatuck, Michigan’s Local Farms

Wickwood Inn can create farm to table foods for guests because Saugatuck, Michigan’s local farms are rock stars! Our Great State is the second most diverse state in the country agriculturally. Michigan’s local farms produce a lot of fresh local foods. And because of the generations of local producers in the Saugatuck Douglas area, we often buy direct from our local artisans. Hence, we provide Wickwood Inn guests with the freshest meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, breads and even local flowers whenever we can!

“Under the pavement, the dirt is dreaming of grass.”
~ Wendell Berry

Michigan’s local farms astound us every year with the best they can grow or produce.  They earn the title of rock star in our eyes.  And, it’s not just vegetables and fruits that we buy from our local farms and farmers markets.  We love the fresh lettuces and vibrant greens available nearly year-round from Mud Lake Farms.  The best fresh and aged cheeses on Wickwood Inn’s farm-to-table buffet come from Evergreen Lane Farm & Creamery. Kismet Farm Bakery bakes delicious breads that give joy to our guests every day.  And if you haven’t heard how happily floral crazy we are around here, read this blog post to see how Wickwood Inn blooms in the spring, and all year long!  Because we fill the inn with flowers from our local flower growers whenever we can.

Food Lovers Visit Wickwood Inn In Every Season For A Farm To Table Taste Of Michigan’s Local Farms.  This is what makes visiting Wickwood Inn so exciting – our menu and flower arrangements change with the seasons based on what local farmers produce. Visit any time.  You will have a completely different foodie experience in every season of the year!

Morning Farm To Table

This spring, Wickwood’s breakfast table includes a healthy taste of early summer with our Four Berry Bowl of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries.  With your morning coffee, enjoy a Sugar and Spice Popover, fresh from Wickwood’s ovens, and our famous Bismarck With Fresh Berries And Lemon Cream. Whether your morning taste buds are savory or sweet, our farm-to-table-breakfast will satisfy!

Evening Farm To Table

Wickwood Inn’s Evening Sips & Small Plates hour is full of new foods to taste! Some say it feels like a meal in itself with the abundance of gourmet appetizers!  This is when you linger with your new food loving friends and enjoy the good food made possible by Michigan’s local farms and artisanal producers.

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.”
~ Anna Thomas

Love cheese?  Our local dairy farmers churn up some amazing flavors for us! The spring Sips & Small Plates menu may include our Spring Tarte With Local Chevres, Morel & Leek Cheese And Spring Onions served with spring’s Fresh Pea Shoots. Don’t miss a taste of our Fava Bean Atop Crostini with Fresh Parmesan. Wickwood’s Salmon Mousse With Roasted Spring Asparagus is simply delicious! And don’t forget to take a bite of our delicious Prosciutto With Roasted Tomatoes, Baby Arugula And Bok Choi.  Or, savor the Wickwood Spring Asparagus Frittata with fresh baby arugula, pea shoots and truffle oil.  And as you eye what the other guests have on their plates, remember that this is a social appetizer hour.  Share your stories of Saugatuck food and adventures!


Spring Recipes From The Silver Palate Cookbook To The Wickwood Inn Bed And Breakfast In Saugatuck

Wickwood Inn’s delicious bed and breakfast food is something you can make in your own kitchen in between visits. So, you buy asparagus, baby arugula and rhubarb from your local farm growers.  What’s the best way to cook this spring bounty?  Here are three great recipes from our Silver Palate Cookbook perfect for these spring ingredients!  And, you might taste one or all of these at Wickwood Inn.

Make your entire meal from these three spring recipes.  Begin with our Crispy roasted Asparagus Gremolata perfect for four servings. Then, make our Wickwood Inn Spring Green Risotto using tender spring baby arugula. To complete your dinner, bake our Ginger Rhubarb Coffee Cake for dessert!


“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… the people who give you their food give you their heart.”
~ Cesar Chavez


Be sure you sign up for Wickwood’s weekly newsletter as we share the latest exciting events in Saugatuck. You are also the first to see when we share more seasonal recipes for Michigan’s local farms ingredients! And, maybe you want to eat these delicious dishes, but don’t want to cook.  That’s easy.  Reserve your stay at Wickwood Inn’s bed and breakfast located in beautiful downtown Saugatuck, Michigan today!

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