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Posted on: June 4, 2018   |   Posted in: Food & Drink, News, Things To Do In Saugatuck

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leaf lettuce


At Wickwood Inn we love our food and we love our neighbors such as Mud Lake Farm.  And when the two come together, well, it’s just perfect!

“farm-er: noun A person who is OUTSTANDING in their field.”  ~  Frank Rosso (Dad)

Such is the case with Mud Lake Farm, our adventuresome neighbor who keeps us in greens – even when the ground is covered in white.  It is always a joy when Steve visits with our farm fresh delivery each week.

You see, this innovative year-round farm in Hudsonville, MI uses hydroponics to grow lettuce, herbs, edible flowers and microgreens. Owners Steve and Kris Van Haitsma do it all in an environmentally sustainable, local way. Their greenhouses are biomass heated with wood pellets made from lumber mill waste. They don’t use any pesticides or herbicides (instead ladybugs and lacewing larvae keep things in balance).  Their herbs, lettuces and edible flowers are delivered within hours of being picked.  Talk about a perfect trifecta of goodness.

There is nothing like opening fresh greens in the midst of winter to bring the taste buds alive. And now, as the crops are already bursting with summer’s growth, the rich aromas and textures are the perfect accompaniment to the food we serve at Wickwood Inn.


Lettuces, Herbs & More

With over 40 varieties of lettuce grown at Mud Lake Farm – ranging from red and green romaine to butterheads and leaf options – there are so many different ways to use them in our food offerings. The textures, colors and tastes become a smorgasbord of opportunity in our kitchen. The herbs from Mud Lake Farm also rotate, with mint, sage, rosemary and basil often complementing our breakfasts as well as our Evening Sips & Small Plates at 6 p.m.

One especially popular item is our Perfect Basil Hazelnut Pesto. It’s great as a dip, topping, but honestly, sometimes a dollop of it on crostini, just straight from the pestle, makes summer come alive for our guests!   Besides the obvious – tossing pesto with pasta – try with nachos!  see even more ways to use the Perfect Pesto on the recipe page.  A few more ways we feed our guests with fresh fare are our PLT Wrap (Prosciutto, Leaf Lettuce & Tomato) and our Salmon Mousse Wrap, both wrapped in Mud Lake’s Bok Choy. Plus, we sprinkle their fresh Pea Shoots all over our Wickwood Frittatas and Spring Scallion Tarts where they burst with fresh picked green deliciousness.

Also, Mud Lake has branched into new ventures.  Steve’s popular cordials and sodas – St. Steve’s Cordials & Sodas – are available in either elderflower or ginger.  We’ll talk about the many ways we serve these items in next week’s Wickwood Inn blog. Meanwhile, guests can see this alternative farm in action (about a half hour’s drive northeast from the Inn). There are opportunities to take a tour, but book in advance. Steve and Kris are obviously busy, but they do love sharing their experiences.


Taste It At Wickwood!

And we really love using the results of their hard work in our food – from Mud Lake Farm to Wickwood’s kitchen to you!



“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”  ~ Audrey Hepburn

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