Our Friends At Cogdal Vineyards Make Great West Michigan Wine

Posted on: September 18, 2018   |   Posted in: Food & Drink, Things To Do In Saugatuck

Today, our focus returns to Michigan wine and our friends at Cogdal Vineyards.  If you’ve looked at our website or read our blog, you know that all of us at Wickwood Inn are HUGE fans of good food, great beverages, and loads of laughter. Owner and bestselling cookbook author, Julee Rosso, has always believed in bringing people together around good food. Why?  Because of the conversation and camaraderie that unfolds!  Everyone at Wickwood delights in sharing our food and recipes, and we want you to know about all the tasty goodness that surrounds us, including our local Michigan wine.

“Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.”
~ Michael Broadbent

Jack and Deb Murdoch started the vineyard on the original plot of land owned by Jack’s Grandpa, Harry Cogdal, in 2008. Cogdal Vineyards’ location, less than 1/2 mile away from Lake Michigan (and an easy 20 minute drive from Wickwood!), makes the temperatures ideal for healthy vines and superior grapes for making good Michigan wine.

Currently Cogdal Vineyards has 7 acres of vines, and they produce a beautiful variety of award-winning wines. Everything from their estate grown and selectively sourced Dry Riesling and Cabernet Franc, to Nona’s Kiss Dry Rosé (sold out for 2018, but this gold medal winner will be back!) … to a series of blends under the Little Man Wines label:

  • Vision (dry red)| A dark crimson wine with a distinct blackberry jam flavor and a silky lingering plum finish.
  • Whitecap (dry white) | A creative crisp, light, dry white wine with a melon nose followed by hints of honey. The finish reveals a touch of apricot.
  • Big Lake (dry red) | A smooth and oaked wine with flavors of dried cherry, raspberry, and blackberry with a touch of spice.
  • Charlie’s Choice (dry white) | Floral and spice nose with soft grapefruit flavors that finish crispy.
  • Reflection (semi-dry red) | This wine begins with a balance of sweet cherries, plum, and raspberries, ending with a bit of spice.
  • North Beach White (sweet white) | Intense peach and citrus nose that pairs well with friends, family, and fun.
  • South Beach Red (sweet red) | Black cherry, big grape flavor, just enjoy at sunset in a beach chair on South Beach.
  • Sweet Inspiration (semi-sweet) | Scents and flavors of apricot and peach are abundant in this wine that ends with a mild citrus finish.

“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.”
~ Ernest Hemingway

With this much goodness already happening, we can’t wait to see what their expansion to 18 acres of grapes brings! We love that they already have a well-established tasting room that incorporates cherry and maple harvested from the property. Their expanded patio is the perfect place to taste the wine while enjoying a charcuterie plate and some local goat cheese from nearby Evergreen Lane Farms.

There are 23 Craft Tasting Rooms within 10 miles of Wickwood … reserve your getaway to Wickwood Inn today. Be sure and set aside some time to visit Cogdal Vineyards and taste the Michigan wine that they create.


If you want to learn more about what else is happening in and around Saugatuck, check out our many other blogs about our local West Michigan restaurants, farms, food, and beverages.

Visit Cogdal Vineyards:
7143 107th Ave, South Haven

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