Pennyroyal Cafe of Saugatuck Q & A

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Pennyroyal Cafe bakes pastries like this amazing baked tar embellished with a dollop of cream and sugared pastry leaves for the holidays

Pennyroyal Cafe creates gorgeous fresh salads like this one with yellow apple slices, arugula, red cabbage, cranberries, nuts and crumbled cheese

3 local craft beers in a bottle with IPA, Saison & Sea Salt Stout on the labels from Waypost Brewing served at Pennyroyal

a display of produce for sale with blueberries, red currants, apples, pears, cabbages, beets, Brussels sprouts, broccoli/cauliflower in baskets and trays on a counter

cup of creamy soup in a white bowl on a saucer next to a seed covered dark grain muffin on a blue saucer

the sandwiches are made from fresh local ingredients like this one with lettuces, cheese and ham on a freshly baked baguette

stacks of plates on a restaurant counter in front of a woman smiling in an apron and black shirt behind the counter working

Chef Missy Of Pennyroyal Cafe & Provisions Answers Our Questions

Pennyroyal Cafe & Provisions has so many great things coming out of their kitchen right now. And, at Wickwood Inn, great food excites us! Especially when that great food is here in Saugatuck, Michigan. The locals know this is the place to gather, work, warm up, and luxuriate. The atmosphere is cozy. The MadCap coffee is steaming hot. The internet is super fast (with thoughtfully placed outlets everywhere!). The croissants, muffins, and cookies are addictive, and the entire menu is fresh, innovative, and delicious. And now after you hike, cross country ski, or snow shoe in the state park, head to Pennyroyal Cafe.  Enjoy a glass of wine and impressive charcuterie plate. We have a difficult time not going there twice a day to get our fix!

Of course, it was easy for us to sit down, sip a dirty chai, nibble on a Florentine, and chat with Executive Chef Melissa (Missy) Corey.

“One cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well.”
~ Virginia Woolf

The Pennyroyal Cafe Q & A

Q: At the moment we have snow on the ground and are in the change of seasons. What ingredients excite you this time of year?

A: I LOVE late fall and winter foods. I think, perhaps, it takes more skill to make cabbage, cauliflower, and root vegetables exciting, and I love all those vegetables!

Q: Any dishes you created recently at Pennyroyal Cafe that you’re particularly proud of?

A: We served Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Braised Sauerkraut at the Wyncroft Wine Pairing dinner. I think it was everyone’s favorite, and it was really delicious with the Wyncroft Riesling.

Q: That sounds amazing. What else?

A: I loved the White Fish Fritter with Celery Root Remoulade that we featured at the Waypost Beer Dinner. Perfect with the Waypost Saison. And, I’m looking forward to expanding our Soup offerings on the daily menu. We’ll definitely keep the Tomato Fennel Bisque (because people got mad at me when I tried to change it up!), but we’ll be adding a Smoked Fish Chowder and a Caldo Verde, which is a Portuguese White Bean and Swiss Chard soup.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.”
~ Oscar Wilde

Q: Okay. Now I’m hungry. The Wine and Beer Pairing dinners sound spectacular. What’s up next for Pennyroyal Cafe?

A: This weekend we have a Pairing Dinner with Mike Gustaitis from Wine Sellers. He’s bringing fantastic wines to the table, and I can’t wait to create the dishes to accompany his selections. It will be a lot of fun. After that, we have Mawby in December. No better time than the holidays to feature Michigan’s premier sparkling wines!

Q: Sign me up. Any chance we’ll see these Dinner items featured on your menu soon? Haha … you know what I’m asking. When will you be serving dinner?

A: Such a good question. Now that we have our liquor license, we’re getting closer. Definitely sometime this winter, and we’ll let you know when we have a specific date. We’re about to have another staff meeting about it, and I’m hopeful we can finalize our plans.

“People need to visit here in the winter. It’s so great!”
~ Chef Missy, Pennyroyal Café & Provisions

Q: Oh, we can’t wait! But, in the meantime, tell us about the liquor license.  What are the drink menu features?

A: Our beverage menu is definitely beer and wine focused, with an emphasis on Michigan beers and unique wines. We have 8 different wines by the glass, including Wyncroft and Mawby from Michigan, and we have a wide range of price points. We aren’t doing a lot of cocktails yet, but we’ll be featuring a Bloody Mary for brunch and an Irish Coffee as well. We have our Retail License, so just like our foods, you can buy any of our bottled beverages to go.

Q: We’re so glad we can get your food to-go as well.  Your Chicken Broth alone saved me when I was getting sick! Anything special coming out of the kitchen for the holidays?

A: We have an impressive collection of cheese and charcuterie in house, and we love making up party platters so that holiday entertaining is easier and more delicious! And, Bryan will be creating Holiday Cookie Trays as well. Did you see his recent Poached Pear Tart?

Q: I did, and of course I bought several. So good! Is there anything more that you want to share?

A: People need to visit here in the winter. It’s so great! My favorite stores, Landsharks and Santa Fe Trading Company, have fantastic sales. The Saugatuck Dunes State Park is gorgeous! And after a hike or cross country ski, just stop into Pennyroyal. I’ll make you an amazing Cheese and Charcuterie Board, with Field and Fire Baguette and House-made Crackers, and pour you a great glass of wine. What could be better?

Wickwood Inn Agrees!

We agree. Life is great here, especially in the magic of Winter. The food at Wickwood also changes with the season.  Reserve your Winter Getaway to our downtown Saugatuck bed and breakfast today.  Enjoy the food at Pennyroyal Cafe & Provisions AND Wickwood Inn.


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