Sailing In Saugatuck And On Lake Michigan

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saugatuck aerial photo

sailboat with 3 sails open sailing on water near shore with blue skies and fluffy clouds

radiating sunset rays on Lake Michigan

sailboat sailing on open water with many people aboard watching the sunset

boat marina with sailboats in front and yachts in the back row on a clear sunny day




Sailing Is The Best Way To See Lake Michigan!

Go Sailing For The Perfect Water Experience In Saugatuck, Michigan During Your Wickwood Stay

Sailing, in our opinion, the best way to see and experience the waters around Saugatuck. We love to swim, kayak, canoe, and paddle board. We also enjoy every size and shape of boat. But, if we’re honest, our favorite way to access Lake Michigan is to step aboard a sailboat.

No matter how many times we do it, we absolutely LOVE making our way out into the Saugatuck harbor, down the Kalamazoo River, and into the channel. Once you pass the pier heads and make your way out into the Big Lake, there’s nothing like pulling up the sails and turning off the engine. The silence and the tranquility are sublime. The expansive views of Lake Michigan, the brilliant sand dunes, and the seemingly never-ending beaches … stunning. As you continue gliding along, the sound of the waves and the warmth of the sun lull you into even deeper relaxation. Or, perhaps the strength and size of the waves make this sail a bit more exhilarating! Sailing on Lake Michigan is both wild and wondrous. No matter, it won’t take long until  everything back on shore seems miles away. Even a short time on the water serves as complete reset. You’ll return to the docks feeling relaxed and renewed.

Some years ago, never mind how long precisely, having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little, and see the watery part of the world.
~ Herman Melville

While we LOVE sailing any time of day, a sunset sail offers something extra spectacular in West Michigan. There’s nothing like floating on the water as you watch the drama of the changing colors. Sometimes the sun seems a stunning red, other times rays of bright white are shooting through the clouds. If we’re extra lucky, Lake Michigan may even appear pink or we could spot the elusive green flash!

Plan Your Sailboat Adventure

Thankfully, when you stay with us at Wickwood Inn’s downtown bed and breakfast, sailing away during your Saugatuck getaway is easy.

  • Sweetwater Sailing | Join Captain Mort aboard Drifter. Whether you simply want to sit back and relax, or try your hand at steering this sturdy vessel, you’ll relish your time on the open water. Mort’s expertise provides a safe and enjoyable Sweetwater Sailing experience for all who come aboard.
  • Sailing Saugatuck | The newest addition to Saugatuck’s sailing scene is the tall ship, Schooner Serenity. Offering two hour trips (chose between late afternoon or sunset) where you can bring your own beer or wine and enjoy the comfy decks and cabins of this impressive vessel. Sailing Saugatuck‘s focus is on small group tours, ranging from 2 – 10 people with a capacity for 25. Tours go out every day, twice a day, and are only cancelled if forced by weather. The minimum number of people is just 2! Schooner Serenity is both  impressive and affordable. You can also rent the boat for private charters (small weddings, family outings, etc).
  • Deep Lake Adventures | From the beauty of Lake Macatawa, just North of Saugatuck, you have easy access to Lake Michigan with Deep Lake Adventures. For groups up to six passengers, you can have your own private charter aboard a Catalina 28 with Captain Jeremy. Jeremy’s knowledge and experience will ensure your groups has a spectacular time on the water.

Reserve Your Sailing Getaway To Wickwood Inn Today

No matter how you want to experience the splendor of Lake Michigan, Wickwood Inn is THE place for a summer sailing getaway. Call or reserve online for your Saugatuck bed and breakfast stay and sail away on your Saugatuck water adventure.








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