Discover The Saugatuck Upcoming Winter Events For 2020 In Our Magical Wonderland

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2 hands holding beside a small bonfire with glasses of drink on trays on tables around the fire

2 white Percheron horses pulling a red sleigh with people in it through the snowy orchards is something you can during one of the Saugatuck upcoming winter events

fancy beer glass full of drink with foam at the top perched on the snowy branches of a pine tree like an ornament

2 men in winter wetsuits standing in front of a body of water

Virtue Cider poster announcing a Saugatuck upcoming winter event of their annual wassail event saturday february 15th in 2020, check for info



Plan Your Visit Around These Saugatuck Upcoming Winter Events & See Why Winter Is Beautiful On The Lakeshore

This list of Saugatuck Upcoming Winter Events helps you plan your exciting wintertime getaway to Wickwood Inn. Some people think of Saugatuck as just a summer town, but we know it’s bustling all year long! After the holidays, Saugatuck is a Winter Wonderland with loads of energy and excitement. It’s easy navigating the streets of downtown Saugatuck for shopping and meandering through art galleries. There’s delight in finding an opening at your favorite booth at Uncommon Grounds or Everyday People Cafe. You can gather with friends, or make new ones, when you grab seats at the bar of Bowdies, Pennyroyal, or Phil’s. Get a fireside seat and enjoy comfort food at Southerner or Clearbrook. Explore the Saugatuck Dunes State Park on skis, snowshoes, or a fat tire bike. Insider’s Tip: Landsharks is THE place for outdoor gear and rentals! Catch a great concert or film at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts.  Enjoy a sleigh ride or explore the huge outdoor bonfires and hiking trails at Virtue Cider. Be the first to taste the newest release and hear live music at Waypost Brewing.

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”
~ Aristotle

Because we’re so excited about Winter on the Lake Michigan shore, we want to make sure you are in the know. Here are 3 Saugatuck upcoming winter events you won’t want to miss.

January Saugatuck Events

Trees, A Reincarnation | January 18 | 3 – 8 P | Waypost Brewing | Fennville

Whether you bring your own tree or not, this is an event for all to enjoy. Waypost believes that all our Holiday Trees deserve a good send off. So, they are collecting trees and trading them for pints. What could be better? All this culminates in the Trees, A Reincarnation on January 18. The Michigan Highlanders will be tossing trees, and all are welcome to participate. Tree toss begins at 3P. Live music from 4 – 7P, and that takes it right up to lighting the bonfire at 8P. It’s a bonfire of staggering heights not to be missed!

February Saugatuck Events

5th Annual Wassail  | February 15 | 12 – 8 P | Virtue Cider | Fennville

The annual Wassail is back again at Virtue Cider, this year taking place on Saturday, February 15. This event has grown a huge fan base! If you’ve never been to Wassail, you’re going to love it. You’ll join in the fun of Virtue’s take on the English tradition of wassailing when you bless the trees for a bountiful cider apple harvest the following year. You’ll sing to the trees to cast out any harmful orchard spirits, while beckoning the good ones who will bring a good harvest next season. This is an all-ages event until dark. Come in masquerade and be ready for anything to happen. We can’t wait to find out if the Detroit Party Marching Band will make its triumphant return!

“Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.”
~ John Boswell

March Saugatuck Events

Real to Reel 2020 Film Festival | March 27 – 28 | Saugatuck Center for the Arts | Saugatuck

March 27: Real to Reel Feature Film Event & After Party

Midwest premiere screening of By Hand … a feature length documentary film about twin brothers who prone paddle 2,200 miles from Alaska to Mexico, without support. In an attempt to escape comfort, reconnect to the natural world and set a new bar for ocean adventure, twin brothers Casey and Ryan Higginbotham made a decision that would reshape their lives. On March 18th, 2016 they embarked on a paddle from Alaska to Mexico with 18′ paddle boards. The brothers carried nothing more than two dry bags of gear each and a camera. No support boats, no paddles, and nothing similar to gauge from. Nothing like this has ever been done. Raised with a never-quit mentality on stories of the men in their family that came before them, the expedition forces the arch rivals to set aside a past filled with intense clashes in an attempt to grow into a team.

March 28: Mountainfilm on Tour – Saugatuck

This festival is one of the upcoming Saugatuck Winter events that has gained serious traction with the locals.  So, don’t delay in getting your tickets. There will be 3 venues, 65 films, outdoor adventures, live music, p0p-up shops, local food, craft brews, art exhibitions, and artist talks. Don’t miss out. Tickets on sale today.

When You Visit For These Upcoming Saugatuck Winter Events, Stay At Wickwood Inn

At Wickwood, we’re all about keeping it cozy. And, we’re here to give you inside information on the best Saugatuck Upcoming Winter Events. Stay with us and of course, our signature Farm To Table Brunch will set the tone. Then, we’ll celebrate the day during our Sips & Small Plates Happy Hour. Gather with fellow food lovers as you sit by our fire. Experience the magic of Winter in Saugatuck. Reserve your winter wonderland getaway to Wickwood Inn today!

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