Saugatuck’s Winter Craft Cocktails & Drinks To Warm You Up

Posted on: February 1, 2020   |   Posted in: Food & Drink, Winter

winter craft cocktails to warm you up are lined up on the bar in every shape and size glass

this winter craft cocktail looks as warm as it feels, golden and bourbon colored in a short cocktail glass with a little swizzle in it

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Winter Craft Cocktails Of Saugatuck!

We crave winter craft cocktails this time of year.  During the wintertime, a cold, crisp beer just sounds chilling.  And a glass of wine simply won’t make the cut.  But a craft cocktail could easily raise on eyebrow with interest!  You had a long day of snowshoeing sand dunes.  Shops were explored.  You ate at one of Saugatuck’s incredible eateries.  Now, sit back and relax with one of these tasty winter drinks.  They warm from your nose to your toes.

Bloody Mary from The Southerner

The Southerner is one of our favorite places to get craft cocktails!  Hands down!  They create masterful drinks to go with the incredible down home Southern Comfort food.  Making a good Bloody Mary is an art.  Theirs is made form scratch and topped with all sorts of things from ordinary celery to asparagus, carrots, pickles and sardines.  And while you’re there, why not try one of the best Margaritas in town.  The aged tequila really makes a difference in the taste.  Wow!

Inhibited from Bowdie’s ChopHouse

Bowdie’s is everything you want in a steakhouse. Warm & inviting atmosphere, high end prime cuts of meat, and a world-class cocktail list. Even if you aren’t looking for a steak dinner, you should still head in and grab a drink at the bar. One of their drinks, Inhibited, almost falls into the category of dessert instead of a cocktail. Vodka is shaken with vanilla simple syrup, Baileys, Kahlua, espresso, and coconut. Head in for this dessert on a chilly winter night.  You feel warm and cozy long after you finish your drink.

The Bison from CopperCraft Distillery

Saugatuck’s local distillery is definitely the first place to visit if you are looking for winter craft cocktails. Their chic and modern tasting room in downtown Saugatuck boasts an incredible cocktail list.  CopperCraft makes them with their own Gin, Vodka, Run, and Straight Bourbon. From sweet and citrusy to smooth and smokey there is a cocktail for everyone on their list. Picking one cocktail from CopperCraft Distillery is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make in a while! The Bison is made with CopperCrafts own Straight Bourbon.  They blend it with apple balsamic, basil, maple-brown sugar, and ginger beer, served on the rocks. This cocktail is herbaceous, sweet, and perfectly unique.

Smoke & Mirrors from Salt of the Earth

Farm-to-table isn’t something out of the ordinary in Saugatuck. Plenty of restaurants, bars, and vineyards use locally sourced and sustainable ingredients in their dishes. So when we say that Salt of the Earth is the best farm-to-table spot, you know it is really good. Enjoy this rustic eatery in Fennville and explore their craft cocktails.  They’re made with some of the most unique and delicious ingredients around. There’s no Jack & Coke or a Moscow Mule here, but there’s something much more special. Smoke & Mirrors is a modern twist on a classic Manhattan. Rye whiskey is mixed with sweet vermouth, lapsang souchong syrup, amaro montenegro, and molasses bitters.  It’s all for a smooth and smokey drink that is perfect to sip and swirl on a chilly day.

Mulled Cider at Virtue Cider

A grown-up version of apple cider, you crave Virtue Cider’s Mulled Cider any day the temperature drops below 50. Head into the cozy, rustic taproom and relax with a glass.  Or, head out for a little winter adventure and let their Mulled Cider keep you warm and toasty. Take off on a snowshoe expedition around the property.  Or, maybe go for a romantic sleigh ride before cozying up by one of their bonfires for a perfect afternoon activity.  And then, enjoy one of these craft cocktails before they are off the seasonal menu.

Margarita from Lucy’s Sauggy Dollar Bar

The sister restaurant to Everyday People Cafe, Lucy’s Sauggy Dollar Bar offers a little slice of summer any day of the year. Grab a tropical drink made with your choice of liquor off their extensive tequila and rum lists. Lucy’s is regarded hands-down as the best Margarita in town.  It will make you feel bright and summery even on the coldest of days.

Smoked Old Fashioned from Pumpernickels

A good Old Fashioned is hard to come by and a perfect one is almost impossible.  And yet, Pumpernickels in downtown Saugatuck has mastered the art of the Old Fashioned. Create one of your own winter craft cocktails by choosing your liquor of choice, preferred bitters, and wood chips.  Then allow their incredible bartenders to cultivate a one-of-a-kind masterpiece before your very eyes. Adjust your perfect blend to be a little fruity with peach bitters or a bit on the savory side with hickory wood chips.

More Makers Of Winter Craft Cocktails Near Saugatuck

Gone are the days of sugar-rush margaritas and watered-down mixed drinks.  The art of creating a perfectly balanced cocktail is here and alive. Craft cocktails are the future.  And, we know where to find the best of the best right here in Saugatuck. If you fall in love with Saugatuck’s craft cocktails and want to explore some more, take a look at our Craft Cocktail Map. With bars, vineyards, distilleries, and bartenders all around town you’ll feel toasty in no time!

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