Tasting The Best Of Michigan Cheeses At Evergreen Lane Creamery & Wickwood Inn

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Some people make lemonade when life gives them lemons. But for Cathy Halinski, when her goats give her milk, she makes cheese. And what delicious cheese it is.

As owner of the Evergreen Lane Creamery she produces some of the most delicious and innovative cheeses in the Saugatuck area and we’re thrilled that this wonderful business in nearby Fennville is celebrating a decade in business this year.


Visit Evergreen Lane Creamery

Besides earning a reputation for producing scrumptious cheeses, the farm is also very welcoming to visitors. People drop in for tastings and tours.  There are inviting picnic tables if you to make it more of an outing.  Certainly, there is nothing quite like seeing a herd of goats prancing around to make you laugh.

“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”
~  Willie Nelson

This summer there are eight “teenage” goats at the creamery who are doing a wonderful job of entertaining visitors. Their barn holds 40 goats altogether.  There are both La Mancha goats with little tiny ears and Alpine goats, known for their climbing ability.  It’s always a show. Cathy suggests people schedule private tastings ($5 per person) to fully enjoy the creamery and cheese experience.


Goat & Cow Cheeses

Their diverse cheese offerings are amazing. Everything from a complex, ash-infused aged Pyramid Point cheese to traditional fresh and aged Chèvre are available for tastings.

Cathy now also brings in cow’s milk from MOO-nique Dairy.  This greatly expands the varieties of Michigan cheeses that Evergreen Lane Creamery creates.  The LaMancha MOO is named to honor of the cows at the Moo-nique Vandalia, MI Dairy.  It’s a Camembert style, soft ripened cheese made from Jersey cow’s milk.  While the Mattone, also from cow’s milk, is a Taleggio blue-style blue cheese.  Notice its rosy exterior, straw-colored interior and dots of flavorful grey and green mold.

Another wonderful cheese from Evergreen Lane is the innovative Tribute.  It’s a blend of the rich, smooth texture of cow’s milk and the tangy, aromatic fragrance of goat’s milk. In the summer when goat’s milk is plentiful, more goat’s milk is used.  The reverse is true in the fall.  The variation in blends makes an interesting flavor and unique appearance, depending upon the season.

“He showed me how each wheel was stamped with the month and year, and then he cracked the first one open to reveal its pale cream-colored interior. He chipped off a hefty shard and handed it to me. I took a bite, and my mouth filled with the hopeful taste of fresh green grass and young field flowers welcoming the sun.
~  Ruth Reichl, Delicious!


Evergreen Lane Creamery Cheese At Wickwood

At Wickwood we always get such wonderful compliments when we serve Evergreen Lane’s cheeses.  The creamy, spreadable Chèvre is so versatile it often appears in our breakfasts, as well as during the Evening Sips and Small Plates.  Make sure you try all of the local cheeses Wickwood serves during your stay.

It’s so great to have neighbors committed to creating delicious food.  And Wickwood has guests who truly appreciate the taste and freshness of enjoying local cuisine. It’s a perfect pairing!

Visiting Evergreen Lane Creamery:

Please see the directions and hours open on The Creamery’s website.   As it is a working farm, they greet guests more easily during the farm’s open hours.


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