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Posted on: March 3, 2020   |   Posted in: Art, Things To Do In Saugatuck

Jeff Blandford Gallery filled with whimsical ceramics in colorful patterns with large bowls hanging on the walls and whimsical shaped vases on shelves

nostalgic black and white photo of a white sheep staring down a man sitting on a chair in a farm field

shopfront window of Jeff Blandford Gallery with colorful vases and ceramic sculptures


Today, we bring our attention to the Jeff Blandford Gallery.  At Wickwood Inn, we support and cheer on other business owners who are doing great things that make Saugatuck a great place. After being a business owner for 12 years, Blandford eventually moved his gallery space its location on Butler Street in downtown Saugatuck. When the new Jeff Blandford Gallery opened in 2015, we knew it was here to stay! As it’s just a three minute walk from Wickwood Inn, this is a gallery space we visit often. No matter the occasion we always find the perfect gift in a matter of minutes.  And it is a gift that everyone loves and cherishes.

Blandford’s work is not only a vision, but a lifestyle. He believes quality artwork and design can transform our everyday spaces.  It changes to something powerful and pleasant to be around. We agree! Blandford’s work is mostly wheel-thrown ceramics that are very much inspired by the mid-century-modern aesthetic. Influences from modern architecture, interior design, and furniture design are what you see in his numerous styles and works.

“A field of clay touched by the genius of man becomes a castle.”
~ Og Mandino

In addition to Jeff Blandford Gallery, Blandford owns an organic farm nearby.  And in its the numerous buildings are where all the magic happens. The surrounding nature inspires him and he incorporates elements from his own farm into his work. When we asked Jeff about what motivates him, he replied:

“As long as I can remember I’ve quietly contemplated colors and shapes. Even in elementary school I was curious enough to stay after art class to ask to borrow a drawing tool. In the third grade I had enough self motivation and curiosity to give myself art projects in my free time.

In today’s chaotic society I find it necessary for myself to find time each day to exist in an environment of order and unification. By producing cohesive bodies of work I try to explore different combinations of elements and color in which bring a sense of energy, harmony, and bold existence to a space which holds my art. Having a passion for interior design, I produce work that elevates the awareness of the aesthetic in each space. Because colors and forms can have a physical affect on us, I believe quality design can change the atmosphere and experience of a person who is engaged in it.”

“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”
~ Oscar Wilde

We love the colors, the shapes, the interplay with light.  Combine it with Blandford’s fascination with science and it all comes together into wonderfully unique, often whimsical, pieces of art. His Moon Pots never fail to delight as gifts.  The flow in the dark glass work brings us a smile every time!

Open year round, you easily fall in love with the magic that happens in Blandford’s gallery. Come and experience the Jeff Blandford Gallery and all that Saugatuck has to offer! Reserve your getaway to Wickwood Inn today. Life really is better on the lakeshore.




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