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A Warm Welcome To Waypost Brewing!

Waypost Brewing Company is our area’s newest place to sip a local beer!  Because we love all things about good food and beverages, today we’re thrilled to introduce you to our friends Hannah Lee & Chuck Steinhart … founders of their new brewery near South Haven.

“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is Freedom, in water there is bacteria.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

A joyful welcome to our newest neighbor serving up that malty, hoppy goodness. Waypost Brewing, just south on Blue Star Highway (where Earl’s Berry Farm used to be), is an ideal place to sip an amazing beer. In fact, we love everything about it. The first thing that struck us was the overall look and feel … Amy Cook of Dovetail Design Studio, you nailed it!  We especially like the approach up the long driveway through the blueberry fields, the beautiful outdoor seating area surrounded by idyllic farmland, the bright, clean, interior design (love the white subway tiles and the abundance of natural light), the oh-so-cozy and cool barstools (how do those fit everyone so well?), the gorgeous wood tables, the record player spinning vinyl at just the right volume, and most importantly … the beer!

Brewer & Winemaker Make Beer

We asked Hannah and Chuck how they ended up in West Michigan and what inspired them to open Waypost. Hannah’s answer in Cliff Note’s length: “Brewer + Winemaker make beer on a farm.” Yes, we love that! Of course, we wanted to know more.

Hannah expanded her thoughts: “Waypost was a dream of ours for a long while. I think every maker wants to someday have their own house and to see the production process through from inception to delivery of the finished product.”

While learning all she could from an amazing vintner in Spain, Hannah also turned her attention to small-scale brewing. She found she really loved the experimentation and quicker turnaround times of brewing. And, at the end of her work day, Hannah most enjoys a cold beer … so why not make it herself? She returned to Canada to earn a brewing degree from Niagara College, Ontario.

Chuck knew from early on that making wine is what he wanted to do. After high school in Grand Rapids, he went to study viticulture and oenology at Brock University in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

This is where the two met. Their paths took them to wineries and breweries in many places … living and working in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Oregon, South Australia, Victoria British Columbia. Thankfully for all of us, Chuck’s heart called him back to Michigan.

They happened to stop in Fennville for an afternoon, stayed for dinner, and knew they needed to be here. The concentration of artisans and general creative folks, the availability of good farmland (had to be grape-able!), and the proximity to the lake. All good things!

Hannah and Chuck envisioned Waypost as a gathering place – the name, has an archaic meaning as a rest stop for travelers on a journey. From the product, to the furnishings, to the plants in the garden, they want their visitors to get a sense of connection to the person who had a seed of an idea, made it real, and shared it with them.

Beers On Tap, Events & Beyond

On our first visit to Waypost Brewing, we tried the Session India Pale Ale (big ripe radiant tropical fruit with no rough edges gives way to a crisp, snappy finish) the Saison (yeast-driven, highlighted with bright citrus, and finishes peppery dry), and the Sea Salt Stout (bursting with aromas of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. Sea salt at the finish rounds things out). Truthfully, we loved every sip. We found the beers loaded with expertly balanced flavors that didn’t drown us in alcohol. We were hooked.

“Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned

We visit Waypost whenever we’re in the mood for a relaxed atmosphere and a fine beer. Of course, we’re also looking forward to the great events planned at Waypost Brewing: live music from Matt Gabriel and the Bart Attacks!, beer paired with Mokaya chocolate truffles, weekly Vinyl Night, and an upcoming pop-up art opening featuring new work from Taos artist (formerly of Saugatuck) Theresa Gray … happening in plenty of time for that special holiday gift for someone else or for yourself!

We look forward to the eventual hop farm, the wine made by Chuck, and everything else that’s going to happen at Waypost.

Find out how to visit Waypost Brewing Company:
1630 Blue Star Hwy
Fennville, Michigan

Ready For A Wickwood Fall Getaway?

Set aside a few days for your fall or winter getaway to Wickwood Inn. Taste the goodness at Waypost Brewing. Of course, you’ll also enjoy Wickwood’s signature Farm-To-Table Brunch, Evening Sips & Small Plates, and Sweets & Treats as a complimentary part of your stay at Wickwood Inn.  Life is great here!  Take advantage of our Fall Mid-Week Special and reserve today.

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