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Silver Palate Cookbook Chocolate Cake

“Looks may be deceiving.
It’s eating that’s believing.”
~ James Thurber

Recently, Wade Rouse (bestselling author and another soul of Saugatuck) asked me to write a blurb for his newest book The Recipe Box. This book reminded me about the treasure of saving family recipes for the memories they evoke, and I got to reminiscing.

The Silver Palate Cookbook and its recipes have been such a great guide to us at Wickwood Inn. It inspires us to create wonderful, memorable food. Take a moment. Think back to some of your most heartwarming time spent with family and friends. What were the ingredients that made this moment so special, so memorable? Of course, there are many possible answers to the question. However, what brings us all together into a feeling of nostalgia is our love for food! That’s right. Whether it’s Grandma Marty’s special Stuffing at Thanksgiving, the deliciously delicate Lefse served only at Christmas, or Aunt May’s startlingly strong Whiskey Punch featured at weddings, the celebration isn’t complete without that traditional dish.

Family recipes are a way for the generations to stay connected, and it’s these very same recipes that recall some of the most poignant memories we have.

It’s been more than 35 years since we first wrote The Silver Palate Cookbook. From the very beginning, our friends and family said our shop would go out of business if we gave our recipes away. Undaunted, and with the help of a bottle of Scotch, we forged ahead. The cookbook seemed unconventional to many; we were told it wouldn’t sell by most. An entire Chapter on Asparagus? No photos, lots of line drawings, and oodles of quirky quotations? People were certain this was not going to work.

Over the years, I’ve met thousands of fellow food lovers, signed stacks and stacks of books, and been awarded more than I deserve. My favorite part of it all has been the privilege of being a building block in family traditions. The best thing I hear about The Silver Palate Cookbook is, “It’s like having a friend in the kitchen with you.”  It’s such a pleasure knowing that dishes like: Chicken Marbella, Chili For A Crowd, Carrot Cake & Cream Cheese Frosting, Thanksgiving Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Lemon Chicken, and Decadent Chocolate Cake have become the recipes that families rely upon (and choose again and again, one generation to the next) for their special moments.

Sharing good food with great people is what my life has been all about; it warms the cockles of my heart to see friendships develop and relationships renewed around a table. Family recipes should be both treasured and shared. I encourage you to take notes while Grandma Marty makes the stuffing this year so there’s an actual recipe for all the Thanksgivings to come. Take time to teach a grandchild how to roll out that Lefse to just the right thickness this Christmas. Find out how much whiskey Aunt May actually uses in that Whiskey punch, and visit a local distillery with her to learn even more about the how Whiskey is made.

Looking for inspiration? Or a reason to begin a new family tradition? Visit our Recipes page to help get you started. Better yet, reserve a food lovers getaway to Wickwood Inn and let us cook for you! You’ll leave relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. And, we’ll be happily share even more recipes with you. That way, you can revisit the memories made at Wickwood Inn in your very own kitchen.

“All happiness depends
on a leisurely breakfast.”
~ John Gunther




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