The Wickwood’s Top Ten Recipes Delicious And Perfect For Holidays & Parties

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closeup of a baked sweet roll covered with pecan nuts on parchment paper

hand from above is smoothing chocolate icing over a cake on a golden cake plate

big bowl of fresh basil next to a wooden mortar and pestle also full of fresh basil ready to be made into a sauce

clear glass bowl with red fruit sauce on a wooden counter

carmelized cooked apples over baked puff pastry glistening with a rich sauce on a white cake plate

orange soup in a green ceramic bowl

crisp chocolate chip cookies on a doily covered plate next to a bunch of lilacs on a wooden counter

evening candlelit food buffet with cake on a platter, charcuterie platter, cheeses, nuts, appetizers and more at Wickwood's delicious and complimentary Sips and Small Plates Hour

With Thanksgiving approaching, the ultimate holiday season in December is here before we know.  All thoughts turn to gathering friends and family together, and celebrating with food and drink. Whether you’re the host or a guest invited to share a dish, planning the perfect meal may need inspiration. Should you stick to the traditional? Go with a theme? Or strike out in a new direction and cast aside the family favorites for something new?


“No one who cooks, cooks alone. A cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.”
~ Laurie Colwin


We’re all about food at the Wickwood Inn. From breakfast through afternoon sweet treats and evening Sips and Small Bites, we let what’s in season inspire our farm-to-table menus. We simply love good food. It’s the heart and soul of the Inn, so understandably we create recipes that delight the senses. From velvety soups to decadent desserts, here’s our Top Ten Recipes guaranteed to impress the guests at your holiday parties. Break out your mixers and measuring cups.  Because Wickwood Inn is spicing up your holidays with some of our guests’ favorite dishes.


Peanut Butter Pumpkin Soup

Perfect for your Halloween party, this velvety soup is a crowd-pleaser. Intense flavor and the surprising addition of peanut butter create this one-of-a-kind fall favorite.  Click here for the Peanut Butter Pumpkin Soup recipe.


Brussels Sprouts With Maple & Balsamic Recipe

Even people who hate brussels sprouts love our brussels sprouts. Adding maple syrup with a dash of balsamic vinegar makes the difference in one of our guests’ top ten recipes.  Click here for our Maple Balsamic Brussels Sprouts recipe.


Decadent Chocolate Cake Recipe

If the NY Times asks to feature your recipe in their digital cookbook, you know it’s good! Light and moist, this classic dessert was first published in Julee’s Silver Palate Cookbook back in 1982. This simple recipe for our Decadent Chocolate Cake transcends time.


Tarragon Chicken Salad and Salmon Mousse

Perfect for a summer lunch or dinner, chicken salad is a standby in my kitchen and many other savvy cooks. With the perfect mix of ingredients and the insider trick of poaching the chicken in milk, Tarragon Chicken Salad always tastes fresh and new. Salmon Mousse, on the other hand, is such a versatile dish you can use it as an appetizer, first course, dip or as a complement to a vegetable side dish. Light and lush, it is a “go to” dish for our evening Sips and Small Plates hour.  Find the Tarragon Chicken Salad and our Salmon Mousse recipes here from our newsletter.


Apple Chutney, Apple Tart and Apple Crisp Fall Favorites

Apples are a staple for any fall gathering and we never tire of experimenting with unique combinations of ingredients. Our French Apple Tart recipe is beyond the pale when served with vanilla ice cream or crème fraiche. The Apple Cranberry Chutney, made with red or green apples, is perfect with pork or poultry and as a condiment for crostini or sandwiches.  Find all three of these favorite apple recipes here.


Cranberry and Cherry Chutney

A Thanksgiving showstopper recipe, Cranberry and Cherry Chutney is our secret weapon for spicing up leftovers. Spread some on your post-Turkey Day sandwich creations or simply place a dollop on your favorite cheese.  This chutney recipe is always a top ten recipe around the Inn.


Creme Brulée

Let’s debunk the theory that this dessert is not for the home cook. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to master this bewitching dessert. Patience is key to delivering this “Wow” dinner finale with Wickwood’s Crème Brulee recipe.


Green Sauce

Once again we share this recipe to demonstrate how “the secret is in the sauce”. With the ability to transform even the simplest of dishes, Green Sauce works with grilled meats, boiled potatoes, raw vegetables and more. Kermit may think it’s not easy being green, but we think this Green Sauce is genius.


Crispiest Chocolate Chip Cookies

The best, and often most-treasured recipes, are handed down generation to generation. This one came from Julee’s grandmother. Chock full of chips, these crispy crunchy bite-size cookies are addictive.  Even our bed and breakfast guests ask for this Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!


Pecan Sticky Buns

By far, the most-often requested recipe by guests of the Wickwood Inn, our Pecan Sticky Buns satisfy a sweet craving like nothing else. The trick to these ooey-gooey treats? Puff pastry! Topped with a lemon glaze, our Pecan Sticky Buns are the best way to say “Good Morning!”


Try Our Top Ten Recipes At Home…Or At The Inn

Give a few of Wickwood’s top ten recipes a try for your holiday gatherings. Or, if you’d rather stay out of the kitchen this holiday season, reserve a stay at our downtown Saugatuck bed and breakfast. We do all the cooking while you relax.  And, it’s not just breakfast!  Fresh-from-the-oven afternoon treats create those delicious aromas upon check in.  And, complimentary Sips & Small Plates Hour at Six is our own special social appetizer hour.  Enjoy many of these top ten recipes and more, when you stay with us at Wickwood Inn.

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