Ways To Bring Wickwood Luxury To Your Own Home

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Luxurious Comforts Of Wickwood Inn

On the shores of Lake Michigan lies a treasure – our downtown Saugatuck bed & breakfast. When you arrive at Wickwood Inn, MI, it’s evident that we take great pride in the little details. The lush and lovely gardens surrounding Wickwood Inn are the first hint of the luxury within.  Our owners, Bill and Julee, traveled the world and know that small things have great impact on guests. It’s our pleasure to include important luxuries to make your visit at our Michigan bed & breakfast a 5-star stay! But you know what else? You can recreate some of the Wickwood Experience at home! Take these tips from Wickwood Inn and see what you can do to make your own home a little more luxurious!


“I am convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity.”

~ Jil Sander


Find Luxury In The Wickwood Inn Guestrooms

Our 11 guestrooms and four living rooms each have timeless designer décor, fresh flowers, original art, library and private bath.  Bill and Julee take great delight in sharing their love of travel.  Their collections from around the world, among them artwork and antique furnishings, are throughout the Inn.

The collections in each room tell a story.  For instance, The English Garden room has drawings from Henry Moore’s 1928 Sketch Book, charcoals from Parisian artist Bernard Piga and a figurative oil by talented local artist Lisa VanderHill.  They surround a luxurious large bed (with a featherbed optional) with a Kashmere robe and Turkish towels – we love to add the “ahhh” to amazing!

As you meander to the bathroom in each Wickwood guest room, you find our favorite Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Spa amenities! Every moment in the bath is like a spa with these soaps, shampoos and lotion.

What ‘Wickwood’ luxury could you add to your home? Fresh flowers are a great beginning. Elevate your bedding by crisply ironing sheets and adding new plump pillows.  If you want to go all in, the optional featherbed mattress topper is a luxury you must have.  In the bathroom, hang a few soft cashmere bath robes and display a basket full of nice soaps and lotions. A sure sign of luxury in a bathroom is when you see a beautifully folded thick hand towel next to the sink.


Design Your Own Story

Look at your décor – does it tell your story? While you are in Saugatuck, visit the art galleries and artists’ studios for inspiration.  One of the best ways to add luxury is to splurge a little on a beautiful painting, art print or sculpture.  Another way is to spend time in Saugatuck’s home décor shops.  Get inspiration just like we do at Wickwood.  Bring some of these ideas back to your home by way of an interesting textile, a vintage light fixture or a unique piece of memorabilia.  Take one of the art classes offered in Saugatuck to make your own artwork for a truly special storytelling object to display.


Delicious Luxury

The most memorable luxury at Wickwood is the food.  You can follow in our footsteps, even when you are home.  Seek out local growers for the freshest of vegetables, greens, meats and cheeses.  Recreate the flavors at the Inn with one of the many recipes on our website pages.  Cook something from Julee’s Silver Palate Cookbook, that you purchase during your stay at the Inn.  Plus, read tips throughout the cookbook on the best table presentations and more

Wickwood guests can sleep in comfort knowing that their morning hot drink is just steps away with coffee and hot tea provided in each room. Don’t rush out of that featherbed just yet, enjoy the coffee. Linger. But then again, don’t wait too long because our infamous farm-to-table breakfast will be calling your name quickly!

Luxury Feeds The Soul

We are wild about food; good food that makes you appreciate the slowness of dining and the savoring of each dish set before you. It is something every person from every country, from every walk of life can agree on – good food feeds the soul. At Wickwood, we believe that the way you experience food can, and is, luxurious. Sourcing the freshest local ingredients, every recipe cooked for our guests bursts with flavor. From our morning farm-to-table breakfast to Afternoon and Evening Sweets, to our Sips & Small Plates hour at 6pm, guests at Wickwood eat luxurious tantalizing food that guarantees to be talked about for years to come! From our Pistachio Breakfast sausage to our Razzle Dazzle Raspberry Cake at Afternoon Sweets to our shrimp and crab served at Sips & Small Plates your taste buds will be doing a new dance!

With a dash of laughter in every meal, our food makes friends out of strangers and creates friendship like nothing else we have witnessed! Since we cook with ingredients that are in season, you can guarantee that the next time you visit you will taste something new.


“But entertaining isn’t a sport or a competition. It’s an act of love, if you let it be…”
~ Shauna Niequist


Use Wickwood Inn Recipes For A Taste Of Luxury

In our experience, trying new recipes and flavor combinations is not only fun, but makes you fall in love with food even more. Next time you host, try a new recipe and serve it on “the best china”. Presentation goes a long way in adding luxury for guests, and it makes you feel extra proud to host as well! Shop at your local farmers market and find fresh treasures that you can share with your guests. Everyone loves something that is grown locally because it holds a story to the area.

Dining isn’t held within our four walls either, escape to outdoor gazebo, garden porch or to our arbor dining area with your appetizers, wine or tea, and bask in the warmth of Michigan summers as you inhale the scent of our Wickwood gardens.


Add Romantic Touches Of Luxury

Now we know that some guests who visit Wickwood Inn are here to experience a real romantic Michigan getaway. Perhaps it’s been a while, and that’s why we love to provide the little extras above and beyond our every day luxuries. When you call us to make your reservation, tell us why you’re visiting, and we can help plot, or plan, how to add the romance! Think massages, champagne, chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries! Want to visit the romantic side of Saugatuck but not sure where to start? We will help book you tickets, make reservations, and plan your stay! Pick a suite with a fireplace to heat up your stay!

Throughout the Inn we love to add some glow with our battery-operated candles, timed to light perfectly as the sun sets. It’s a simple, and safe, way to add the warmth in any season!

The dictionary defines luxury as the state of great comfort and extravagant living. While we know what provides comfort and extravagance may be different for everyone, the non-negotiables of good food, surroundings that are pleasing to the eye and tell a story, and service that goes the extra mile are a must.


“That boy is your company. And if he wants to eat up that tablecloth, you let him, you hear?”
~ Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird



How Can You Add More Comfort And Extravagant Luxury To Your Home?

  • Update your sheets and pillows.
  • Add your unique personality and ‘story’ to your décor with special touches from travels.
  • Visit a real art gallery and purchase framed fine art to hang on your wall.
  • Provide fresh flowers in any room and especially at your dining table.
  • Display small special soaps in a pretty dish near your sinks.
  • Make sure you have a lovely bowl filled with local fine chocolates or candies.
  • Splurge on plush throw pillows made of fine textiles.
  • Don’t just display a book, curate mini-libraries in every room.
  • Use battery-operated candles to add a warm glow.
  • Try new flavor combinations (Ahem, we know a really good cookbook!) at your next dinner party and use “the good china”.


Are you ready to experience real luxury at our Michigan bed & breakfast?  Give us a call today at 269-857-1465 and let Wickwood Inn pamper you!

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