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Wickwood wants to make sure everyone knows about Jim Lester and Wyncroft Wines. Normally, we focus a lot of time and energy on good food at Wickwood Inn. It’s what we love to do, and it’s our reason for owning an Inn. We love the conversation, the laughter, and the sense of community that emerges when great people come together around food. But, we also appreciate our neighbors who contribute to the high quality food and beverage scene all around us. We love that there are 23 Craft Tasting Rooms within 10 miles of Wickwood! Today, we want to make sure everyone knows about Jim Lester and Wyncroft Wines.

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.”
~ Plautus

The fact that Saugatuck is within one of the most agriculturally diverse areas in the country … helps everything. There are so many amazing farmers around us producing the best tasting greens, blueberries, tomatoes, peaches, herbs, apples, peppers, and so much more. If you’ve ever been to southwest Michigan in spring, summer, or fall … you know exactly what we’re talking about! We’re certain you agree with us that Michigan’s farmers are the true rockstars of this area. It’s impossible to miss the abundance of farmers’ markets, fruit stands, and farm-inspired menu items all around town. So much tasty goodness.

However, our guests may not know as much about the world of Michigan wines … and they may need a little more convincing when it comes the quality of those wines.

Allow us to proudly introduce you to Jim Lester of Wyncroft and Marland Wines. His family-owned estate winery has been working to change the perception of Michigan wines since 1998. Wyncroft’s 14-acre plot takes advantage of the glacial moraine hills of southwest Michigan. Their proximity to Lake Michigan provides a unique micro-climate, perfect for growing many of the grape varieties from which his critically acclaimed wines are produced.

The production at Wyncroft is small … under 2,000 cases annually. This is by choice. Wyncroft conscientiously farms their vineyards to produce low yields of intense concentration. Both the vineyard and cellar work are done by hand with extreme care and attention to detail. Even the Arts and Crafts style labels are put on by hand.

With this much care and exclusivity, Wyncroft quickly built up a tremendous following. Wyncroft’s customers continually asked for a selection of high-quality Michigan wines to enjoy every day. Wines that carry the Wyncroft pedigree and quality commitment, but don’t require cellar aging and are priced to enjoy anytime. Jim Lester started Marland wines in 2013 to satisfy this request.

We’re glad he did!

We love enjoying  a glass of Marland at many of the finer area restaurants, and it’s great that we can buy Marland by the bottle in our local, boutique wine stores. Both Wine Sellers and J. Petter Art & Wine Gallery carry a nice selection of Marland and Wyncroft wines.

And, when you book your stay at Wickwood Inn, you can phone the winery for a reservation to taste at their stunning estate vineyards.  The winery does prefer groups of 4 or more to arrange tastings with them and they may have a minimum purchase required for vineyard tastings.  Believe us, it is worth the trip!

“Wine: Because no great story began with someone eating a salad.”


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