Your Eyes Fill With Spring Blooms As April Showers Bring The Most Beautiful May Flowers

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Discover Fresh Spring Blooms Of West Michigan When You Stay At The Wickwood Inn

Spring blooms bring a fresh energy to Saugatuck and Wickwood Inn.  This delicious season of new scents and new life springs forth with gorgeous flowers!  We all hunt for signs of the new season everywhere we turn.  It is the familiar call of robins flying back to their Michigan summer home. Wickwood’s bed and breakfast guests watch them build their nests in our trees.  Catch a glimpse of an adorable spotted fawn nearly hidden in the woods as you drive along Lake Michigan.  A sure sign that spring is here?  We see many more visitors walking along the lakeshore!  Most of all, at Wickwood Inn and in town, spring is here when the first spring flowers begin their showy display!  It is the day the crocus blooms burst out of the ground in our gardens.

“He that plants gardens, loves others beside himself.”
~ English Proverb

The season provides us with such a bright backdrop at Wickwood to paint our Inn with fresh spring blooms and greenery! At Wickwood, we think that you can never have too many flowers. When you arrive, it won’t take you long to see we kind of have a thing for topiaries – they’re our favorite! You’ll find varieties of lilac, specimen myrtle and boxwood throughout the entire Inn.


Spring Blooms At Wickwood Inside And Outside

Wickwood Inn is a unlike any other bed and breakfast.  Fresh flowers are everywhere throughout the Inn.  Every guest room has beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers – the brightest and the best – that we specially choose from a local flower farm. We love our twice a week floral visit where rows and rows of flowers grow as far as our eyes see!


If not flowers, then vases of fresh herbs will tempt you to guess their name and relax under their scent. At Wickwood, we absolutely love to delight in nature both inside and outside.


“Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

~ Hans Christian Andersen


Wickwood’s gardens welcome you with towering 24 inch white tulips and cheerful yellow daffodils.  Spring Cherry and Crabapple trees fill with delicate flowers throughout or gardens. The back porches and flower boxes are simply full of Blue Lobelia, Fuchsia and Red Geraniums, Lavendulan, Bucopia, and our arbor has Silver Fleece weaving its way around arching limbs. It’s our secret garden full of lovely spring blooms that we happily share with our bed and breakfast guests!


Discover The Local Wildflowers Of Spring Along Lake Michigan’s Shore

Embark on a little adventure into Saugatuck Dunes State Park to see how Spring blooms along the Lake Michigan shore.  Catch a treasured glimpse of Michigan’s once endangered Giant White Trillium which now blooms throughout Michigan in the spring.  And there are so many early pink wildflowers in the Spring in West Michigan.  According to local Mary Blocksma, author of Naming Nature: A Seasonal Guide for the Amateur Naturalist, there is a trick for identifying them. Just count the petals!  Spring Beauty, Trailing Arbutus and Wild Geranium each have five.  Toothworts have four.  Hepatica with its three-lobed leaves has six to ten petals.


Find Spring Blooms To Take Home To Your Garden

Our local garden centers like Huntree Nursery and Garden Center and Jonkers Garden Center overflow with all manner of plants for your spring gardens. If you are like us, you look for flowers wherever you visit.  Don’t know what you want?  A trip to the garden center always gives you new ideas and brightens your day!


Spring Flowers Showcase Saugatuck’s Best Spring Events

And, talk about floral inspiration, in nearby Holland, every spring, do not miss the annual Tulip Time from May 4-12!  Celebrating 90 years, this Dutch inspired event offers three parades, hundreds of Dutch dancers and entertainment for everyone.  A Dutch and artisan market, fireworks and culinary events add to the experience.  And of course, the Holland, Michigan’s famous tulips are everywhere! It’s the perfect way to really kick off spring!


“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”
~ Luther Burbank


Be sure to plan your Mother’s Day around another Saugatuck event, the annual Artz and Gardenz Tour May 11-12. It’s where art and creativity unite studios and gardens around Saugatuck as you visit seven local artists and gardeners. It’s a magical way to celebrate spring and the mother in your life!


Reserve Now To See This Year’s Spring Flowers Before They Are Gone

Why wait?  Reserve your spring getaway now to see the flowers in bloom! It’s best to have the floral beauties take your breath away in person! Kick off your Spring with a visit to Wickwood Inn now.  Relax, reconnect, and celebrate the new season afresh with us!

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