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Luxury Accommodations

From the cozy charisma of a standard room to the luxurious sprawl of an estate suite, no two rooms at the Wickwood are alike. Unique antiques and accessories, plush Vispring beds, soothing renovated bathrooms: pure, sumptuous comfort awaits you.
Wickwood Inn Suites
450 sq. ft. 1-2 person

A stay in our indulgent pine-paneled suite makes for a visit unlike any other. Whether cool summer evening or frosty winter night, a crackling fireplace beckons.

410 sq. ft. 1-2 person

An expansive, sitting room- and antiques-adorned second floor suite tucked at the end of the stair hall beckons with promises of lazy morning conversation and connection.

Wickwood Inn Junior Suites
310 sq. ft. 1-2 person

Graced by garden greens inspired by boxwood and ivy glimpsed through sun-dappled windows, this bucolic second floor suite energizes and enchants.

300 sq. ft. 1-2 person

Refined tranquility welcomes you to slow down. Unwind. Revel in the chance to stop time, if only for a weekend meant to relax, refresh, and renew.

Wickwood Inn Room No. 2
240 sq. ft. 1-2 person

Like Saugatuck sunsets streaking the skies in warm shades of coral, this first floor hideaway invites reflection and romance.

240 sq. ft. 1-2 person

Pure relaxation awaits in this cozy first floor respite, enveloped in a misty, delicate color palette of blues, creams, and pale greys...

230 sq. ft. 1-2 person

An inspiring mix of both energizing décor and easygoing comfort – think playful pinks, oranges, blues, and golds mingling effortlessly with time-honored antiques...

230 sq. ft. 1-2 person

Cloudless blue skies and warm sandy beaches – gifts of nature celebrated in the design of this intimate first floor room accented with antique English bedside tables.

210 sq. ft. 1-2 person

Just as a meandering beachside stroll might yield the unexpected delight of sleuthing the elusive Petoskey stone – this peaceful cocoon surprises with lush courtyard views.

240 sq. ft. 1-2 person

Enjoy tree-lined village views through abundant windows in this second-floor oasis. Imagine yourself dipping feather pen into ink at the handsome antique secretaire.

240 sq. ft. 1-2 person

Awash in Lake Michigan hues of blue, and as timeless as the tides. A peaceful second floor retreat where ordinary cares drift away in an idyllic setting of antique furnishings.