Things To Do In Saugatuck

“We wanted to savor Wickwood and taste all of its seasons.”

~ The Chicago Tribune

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Saugatuck is the perfect place to pause from the hustle of our busy world. It’s the little town that time forgot. More important now that time is our biggest luxury. There’s endless possibilities of things to do Around Saugatuck. A perfect place to relax, reconnect and revisit in every season of the year, it’s no wonder Saugatuck is a favorite location for Michigan weekend getaways. 

What is there to do in Saugatuck? Once you’ve been here you likely won’t ask that question again. No matter the season, it’s easy to find things to do in Saugatuck, Michigan. Our unique boutiques, pubs, cafes, and restaurants enchant. Our lively arts and culture scene amazes. We have theater, concerts, films, music festivals, art shows, and you can dance until dawn. The area’s opportunities for outdoor adventure are inspired by the waters surrounding us. Lake Michigan’s sweet water — and its miles of sandy beaches — beckon with beachcombing, fishing, sailing, swimming, surfing, and kayaking. There’s endless walking, hiking, dune climbing, biking, jogging, tennis, and golf. All around there are winding country roads to explore amidst fruit orchards and fields. With these enchanting surroundings and an abundance of things to do and see, Saugatuck makes a perfect destination for Michigan weekend getaways. 

There’s never enough time to savor it all.

Follow the Season or your Passion.

Saugatuck beckons. Stay and play awhile.

“Live each season as it passes… and open yourself to the influences of each.”

~ Henry David Thoreau

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